Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First post – welcome

Halo readers.

I decided to separate this blog from the poppoppopsu blog as I recently become addicted to beauty products. YES! Sucker to the forever blackwall created to spend all our money in our wallet, rather than donating it to charities.

Beauty products for me is refined to face only. Most of the people who know me in person knows I have a super-baby face. I believe this is just due to the fact I have good genes and nothing else.

I thought I would blog here about products I have used and review.. or just share a few tipes. I must say I’m bad in applying makeup. I look best with only foundation mascara and a hint of blush (not even Lipsticks) so many of the review are down to my personal skincare. I have different skin type when I’m in different places.

In Hong Kong I tend to be oily combination skin and needs blotting. (I use Ettusais and it cures the problem). In UK, I am a dry combination skin and needs a thicker cream (Shiseido White Lucent) and acne prone.

I also fly constantly between places and let you all know if I’m outside my comfort zone.

That’s all for introduction.


  1. Hi Eve,

    Greetings -- Nice to meet another East Asian blogger from the UK on the blogosphere!

    Thanks for visiting my blog...I tried to follow you but your blog layout is too wide and cuts off the follower might want to reduce the width of your template.


  2. Hi Eve!! ^^ Welcome to beauty blogging, haha!

    New P&J lippies? The P&J lipstick in 26 is a new shade.



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