Friday, February 5, 2010

Pink Cupcakes

Baked these last week for my first customer. As this is the first order, i thought i'll go over the top and baked some pink cupcakes to do a wow factor

It is made of Homemade Strawberry from my best friend J. And apparently my cupcakes taste better than Primrose Bakery hehe (And definitely better than Magnolia)

I made some greentea cupcakes today unfortunately my camera ran out of battery so no photo. 

Any girls in London who want to pick up stitching again, I now provide cupcakes for them.

The Thrifty stitchers -

They offer half day to 1 day beginner class where you can take away a bag or a cushion. Or even to drop in for 3 hours when they open for drop in session and bring in anything you want to do. They'll be there teaching you step by step (I brought 4 S trousers and 3 jeans to alternate. I was told being too ambitious)

Anyway, they're launching a new class on chop and change. Shortening, lengthening hems, piping, etc etc. So for any ladies who want to learn a skill to alter their own clothing without visiting their local laundrette.. it is brilliant

And you'll be eating Evie's cupcakes as well


  1. omygod they look amazing. I miss your cupcakes. they are pretty damn tasty =D

  2. the cupcakes look pretty and yummy! :)

  3. You are the BEST Cupake Baker, ever!!



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