Saturday, October 3, 2009

Foundation comparison: Revlon, maybelline and Lancome

Foundation comparison review! Maybelline pure mineral, revlon colorstay and Lancome ColorIdeal

So, I'm back from frankfurt and after my university enrolment (the 10 th time), I was told no matter what I must submit by April 2010. That's around 300 words per day to complete my dessertation and editing by April. Did I say arghhh very loudly?

Anyway, before I forgot I want to do a foundation comparison. I have been on a foundation crazy since I came back from France because none of my foundation I had works on me anymore. I got a touch darker and plus the previous foundation doesn't match perfectly. I'll do a follow up post on my thought about BB cream after 1 year.

So our contestant for this review are:

Maybelline Pure mineral in Sand 30 (Price: £7.50 / USD 12 )

Revlon Colorstay in 320 Natural tan (Price: £11.15 / USD 18)

Lancome ColorIdeal Shade 30 (Price: £26 / USD 41)

All of these are perfect match except with Revlon Colorstay which is just a little bit dark, will explain later.

I rather do a comparison but not a descriptive review, if you want a detail review, please leave a comment!

Texture/Coverage (Light to heavy):

light: Maybelline

normal: lancome

heavy: revlon

Long Lasting (not so to very long lasting):

Maybelline (not so)

lancome (ok)

revlon (very!!)

Colour match to NC30 (not so to it match perfectly)

Above from left: Revlon, Lancome, Maybelline

Revlon comes out a bit dark, but lancome and maybelline are perfect match

The problem with Revlon is that it comes with two different skintype, Combination/Oily, and normal/dry. I got Combination/Oily because I might use in Hong kong and its best just in case. However, not all drugstore stock all foundation, and when I found the one which stock everything (The biggest boots on oxford street) and compare, combination has a yellow tone compare to Normal. So if you are reading and is yellow tone no matter your skintype is get COMBINATION/OILY, it is yellow toned!

Bottle design:

Revlon (bad)

lancome (ok.. but..)

maybelline (no complaint)

Why lancome doesn't come first? It is a glass bottle and not easy to travel and carry. We all need to pick the bottle up sometime and take it with you right?

Revlon is worst, it doesn't come with a pump meaning you need to pour....

My reason to buy in:


I bougth this first when I was walking down the street with S looking for a food mixer. However it was too expensive, and reading Cosmetic candy review on Lancome Teint Idole, I want to buy the same. If anyone follow cosmetic candy, she's a NC35 so for me it's a good reference :)

Went into boots originally want to buy Revlon, decided £11 was too expensive but still walk into the Lancome counter thinking it would only cost 16.. when the very very cute male SA tried it on me with colorstay, he declared it is perfect match and I fell for him. When I took out my card to pay then I realised it cost a bloody £26.

However, my pretty SA told me it should change with my skin. I know it'll become lighter someday but not outside the NC30 bracket, this foundation can stay with me for a while

Other than the expensive price tag, i'm not satisfy with its coverage. Remember I tried shu uemura before? I thought this will give me the same effect (hello! £26) but no... it has the same coverage with my Nanoce and I totally regretted buying this even it is a perfect match.


Bought this in airport and it is a perfect match. I always wanted to try mineral foundation (based on Beauty spot review). Mineral foundation I thought might be a bit like bB cream, it changes colour to match your skintone (correct me if i'm wrong), but when I try it and verified by S, it is perfect match.

Problem is it is light coverage, and I need to learn how to apply this with finger (sponger is bad.. very bad... it absorb everything) and comparable to L'egere bb cream, very light coverage. But indeed it gives a better looking skin and better for your skin!

What makes me buy for it? It is only 7 quid darling.

Revlon Colorstay

Ok, those who follow my twitter will know I actually bought the shade 340 to start with, and not happy with being tanned and oxidate during the day (making me look like a tanned monkey), I went back and successfully got a lighter shade.

What I love is it is very reasonable price, yet it is extremely long lasting. I recommend this to anyone who is starting to use foundation and want to skip concealer. Seriously, I don't really use concealer but it is very thick as well.

My problem is not all drugstore store the right shade for you and there's far too many to choose from. Someone is picky will say yah! Someone who is lazy like me who can only refer to MAC shade is nay.

A rough guide to Revlon is

1X0 = MAC 10-15

2X0 = MAC 20-25

3X0 = MAC 30-35

etc, I know I better suit a 310 shade but hey there's no stock and I run away with my tube of foundation since they're happy for me to refund it (it was completely sealed when I return it if anyone ask)



but do try Revlon if you can find your shade...

verdict: I'll use revlon for a whole day job and maybelline at night. Lancome is reserved for special day only.


  1. Thanks for the review! I liked the Maybelline Pure.Mineral foundation, I got 10 Ivory but I'm a bit dark for that now. I like the sheer coverage...and I just use my fingers. Works best with a sheer powder on top.

    Hope you like the Armani...let me know how you do!

    Kisses to Dao Dao!

  2. hey girl
    thanks a lot for the review. it was helpful.
    Im a big fan of Revlon foundation. I recommend you to try the last finish.

    btw, im a new follower of your blog and love it
    come check out mine too

  3. thanks for the review.. i think i might try the maybelline one^^



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