Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chizu Saeki's Book review: what i follow

Since june I have been waiting for this book from my local library as they needed to bring it in for me from another London borough, Finally able to read it myself and see if it is amazing and rave about.

If you do not know what this book about, it is written by
Chizu Saeki, the beauty guru in Japan (however i doubt whether she has botox or cosmetic surgery as her skin does look a bit fake) and she wrote this simple book about how to take care of your skin.

She did write a few things we should all know by now. In particular, determining your skin type and how to care. So I skipped nearly 1/2 book and take notice in a few things. You are all welcome to get hold of and make a decision by yourself.

After reading, I think this book is really useful and I have taken a few advice from the following:

  1. Lymph Message
According to Saeki, this is where you can change the condition of your skin. Lymph points are where your body process waste.. if you are as unhealthy as me, when you message your lymph point it should hurt like hell. Many Hong Kong girls swear by doing lymph message (in HK, you can get special Lymph message only in beauty salon) you can lose weight...
I tried it on myself, works great and relaxing..

I tried the message on S.. he said it hurts like hell

  1. Cleansing process
As someone who didn’t really learn a lot of makeup techniques from mother.. my skills aren’t great in this department. My mom said I have lines because I didn’t take off my eye make up properly and according to the book, people only have fine lines around the eye because of inadequate make up removal.. residue stays there and clog the pores and area and lines appear

Chizu technique as follows:
Soak 2 cotton with water and your makeup remover
fold one of them into triangular shape and place under your eye
the other to remove upper part of eyelid
use a cotton bud, soak it in makeup remover and gently remove your eye makeup mascara and eyeliner
also remove the residue around your waterline
lastly, remove the remaining eye makeup using the triangular shape cotton which you have been placing under eye
repeat for the other eye

My old technique:
soak cotton with warm water and makeup remover
place cotton over eye for 1-2 mins
remove makeup by gently wiping it off

do you see a big difference? I was soo surprise that there was so much eyeliner at the undereye area and cotton bud!

Also she said you need to try to take as long time to take off your makeup as you put on them.. so if you take 30 mins to put on makeup, you need to take 30 to take off them (or prepare anyway)

  1. Morning cleansing procedure
Chizu recommended using lukewarm water only in the morning but do a moisture mask as well. Completely different to my old technique. which is clean with cleanser but do mask in the evening

  1. Message your face with serum
The book has specific instructions of the direction of how to apply your serum and moisturiser. Basically you massage and pull your skin to the direction to tighten it

That’s all I learn from Chizu... which I think is useful

Do I want to spend 12.99 GBP (20 usd) on this book? No... I think I better claim my tax and borrow from library..


  1. Thanks for sharing, I think this is really interseting ..I have to buy this book^^

  2. I've got this book and I really like it!

    I use her techniques, and THEY WORK!

  3. Chizu Saeki is VERY POPULAR in Japan! Her technique on how to do a sheet mask type thing with cotton pads is like, normal now! I'm planning on doing a blog post about it soon!!

  4. thanks for sharing..that lymph massage and removing makeup technique sounds cool..i shall try

  5. ill try the eye makeup removal technique tonight^^

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