Monday, October 12, 2009

FOTD: Guerlain Palette and dao


Long time no see (my face on the blog)

I have finally found the ultimate way doing FOTD without buying a new camera..

I found a tripod at home so I manage to do it by setting up a mini studio at home. hehe... hence it rather nice quality photos

Except I need to do Manual focus on the camera (focus on an object in a distance, focus it, set it and change into manual focus mode)

But hey.. finally get a photo that I want..

This face is onlu make use of the Guerlain Palette which I received. Natural is the word Natural is my WORD!

i particular like the lippies colour (it went on very nicely) and the mascara which came with it (I think it is even better than my MM)

The eye shadow is pinky natural, and have 5 shades to choose from

I use my Nanoce BB cream.. the foundation I use on the run.. but you can see it is rather coarse on my face compare to my foundation which went on smoothly

So Dao is making his special appearance again! Hello Dao!!


One last thing..

Happy birthday S.
this is your last birthday being Single.. next year. You’ll be a married man haha

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