Thursday, October 8, 2009




I’m back again.... I thought I’ll play with my macjournal software a bit and do a travel post. if you feel uncomfortable with this font.. let me know

Went to frankfurt last week, mainly for business but we went 1 day early to escape from the nothingness of Germany (according to S) so we picked heidelberg to visit.


Apparently the hercules statue..

unfortunately we went a day’s late so ended up seeing the aftermarth (tired street performers) and sunday... meant only icecream shops are open..

still we went up to the Heidelberg castle and look around. Great to travel when you have a student card


the famous bridge


the red Heidelberg castle


One of the embassy building on the hill

originally we can leave at 5pm, but S thought since we spent 30 euros each to get here, we should stay longer. in Evie’s logic that meant she can mess up with time. Had dinner at 5pm, to leave and catch the train at 7.20.. giving themselves 30 mins to catch the train

except.. public transport is just bad in europe therefore we didn’t catch the train and waited for an hour

by the time we caught the train, it was a Regional service train.. rather than 50 mins journey became 1.5 hr

totally totally exhausted


  1. So awesome! I was there two years ago! :]

  2. Thanks for the beautiful pictures! Look like you had great weather...I love that castle!

  3. Thanks for sharing the nice pictures! ;)



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