Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dao Dao and Mui Chu Special (豆豆同妹豬special)

Welcome Mui Chu (we call her Chu as nickname)

S and I been debating having a second cat for a long long time. And it became a big issue because S is absolutely spoiling Dao too much (you know.. giving him 10 kisses and listening to Dao’s order ... switch on the tap! open the door! split your legs!!), and there’s a possibility of me going back to full-time work so we decide we want a second cat as a Dao’s companion.

Mui Chu is from the prefix Tanyrallt and she was the only one left in that litter. She is extremely playful, gets along with other cats and we were too excited bringing her home.

Mui Chu is actually my pet name in my family.... S loves the name so much (in fact all older generation call me that) and decide to name her Mui Chu.

Only just 1 day, both of them are kind of getting along.


Mui Chu and Dao in bed (and my messy clothings as well)


Arghh... that’s just cute


Both up early in the morning. Dao wasn’t too happy he’s grounded. Mui Chu just happy Dao is around


For Dao Dao fans... some shot of Dao waiting for you after a day out..


Another one.. you can see he just loves Kitty TV


  1. Super cute :D I have a dog who looks like a cat, and she never sits still for photos.

  2. MIAOW!! Welcome to the new family member!!



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