Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ettusais Zero Pore Compact foundation review


the shade chart and the actual foundation

Ettusais has always been my favourite brand. I fall in love with their oil control powder first when I live in Hong Kong. in the hot climate in HK, it is very hard to find anything that doesn’t need blotting every few hours but Ettusais.. wow! no blotting whatsoever. I am quite surprise how popular this brand is among my friends as well.

I went to Wales last week to sort out the wedding, and to pack extremely light, I dug out my Ettusais Compact foundation. Surprise surprise, people been commenting how great my skin look so I decide to do a post on it.

I have been using this compact foundation and this must be my third purchase. In Hong Kong, I definitely can’t do without this. Blotting paper? never exist in my handbag.


The back fo the foundation. I use 40 Beige which is my shade.

I think this is made by Shiseido company. Ettusais is special brand for Adult acne problem. And one of the very few shiseido brand that can cater for darker skin tone. 40 in shiseido shade guide is always a perfect match for NC30


I lost the original case so I bought a raycious case. it fits perfectly, and much more beautiful than the original as well

248 HKD which is around 33 USD

it glides on smoothly on the skin with the sponge given. the instruction says no need to wet the sponge. Just apply directly on face

Average. Definitely need concealer


my skin


in the official website, the before and after look

Here’s a crop of a picture I took in Wales. As you see, some of the acne scar is not properly covered but the foundation gives a glow to the skin. In real life, I look like I have smooth skin


In the introduction of this compact, it says
‘No oily face, no sticky skin, a natural look. Non-chemical sun protection’

It has SPF 12 PA++ in it, weight 11g. and in actual term, if you use it everyday I finish the compact in 3 months.

I like it a lot as it is very comparable to my other liquid foundation, in fact, I like the finishing a little more compare to some of the liquid foundation I have. Perhaps it is just because i never use powder as a finishing touch on my liquid foundation.

If you live in a hot humid climate, I totally recommend this foundation to you.


  1. WOW !! did you use the Ettusais loose powder after this one? (the one we bought tgt)?

  2. Outstanding! My skin is super dry, so I really like the RMK Powder Foundation EX...

  3. Nice recommendation, I like the sound of no blotting and a foundation catered for hot climates.

  4. you just made me want to buy this one! and i'm NC30 too...

  5. yeah Ettusais powder is awesome!!! one of my fav too. ^_^

  6. thanks for the review! I've been wondering about ettusais stuff for a while but there arn't a lot of reviews on them. The foundation sounds like it's worth it!



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