Thursday, November 5, 2009

Please vote for my friend

Remember my work at Big Bang Music?

One of our writers, Kevin Tsang, composed a piece of music and selected as the finalist in the CASH Music competition.

CASH Music competition is the one and only music composition for composer and lyricist in Hong Kong, and many such as Ivana Wong won the competition and further their career.

well.. Kevin already wrote a few music for people such as Joey Yung etc, but seeing him as the finalist in the competition is such a big joy

so to support him here’s what to do:

go to the website:

Click No. 1 親疏之別

at this 姓名 please put your name

at this 電郵 please put your email

at 電話 please put a telephone number (random is ok: such as 26784390, HK number starts the first digit with 2, 3 or 9)

at 驗証碼 that’s the verification code you saw on your right

then press submit

This is a facebook book to submit Kevin

Now.. if Kevin you’re reading this.. I deserve some nice dinner when I’m back next year. Or a super gift for my wedding (maybe a song you compose?)

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