Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beautyblender review

the product from ASOS

Beauty Blender review

I bought this back in October when i complained I should throw out my old old old iPSA Sponge .. i thought i just quickly review this HG items that should be sitting in a beauty fanatic bag

Beauty Blender, what’s this?

A foundation sponge with a round bottom and a sharp top to help you to blend in that foundation to look like a second skin.
Apparently use be celebrities such as Beyonce

the empty packaging that holds that beauty blender

Ok, tell me your damage then?

14.99 for a little sponge so that you feel so guilty you want to kill your boyfriend who did not stop you from buying this. Best place to buy. ASOS when they offer free delivery

How to use it?

try youtube. there’s tonnes of people who made a beauty blender guide on how to use
basically you dip you fat part of the sponge in your foundation and bounce it against your face
the tip is for concealer for those hard to bounce.. no no.. it’s reach area

the sponge in itself. very used.

What do you think? (except really believing that Beyonce use it)

Absolutely brilliant product. I can see why people can’t live without it. It really makes any foundation to glide flawlessly on your face. My concealer don’t cake anymore with this as well.

What I don’t like is that they tried to sell you that you need to clean it with their very special cleanser. It is rather expensive and I skip it and use my Pantene shampoo instead. it is not super clean but it still cleans it.

Also, the amount of foundation it needs, enormous. I use 3 times as much as I use with the IPSA Foundation sponge. unfortunately, IPSA foundation sponge that i used (for 4 years) is not available anymore. So I am not sure if the sponge technology is being created to make us use up the foundation.

will i buy it again? yes. definitely can’t live without it.
Will i recommend it to people? yes coz I’m evil and want you to a meal worth of money in make up haha


  1. My sister had this and she let me tried it. I think its okay but i guess its becuz i think i wasnt using it probably. But i will give it another try. the only thing i have with it is the price. but i think if i did get it, i would definitely love it. For now ill just use the makeup brushes =)

  2. hi, there, can you let me know the brand? I am lemming for this very much but seems not able to find it through ASOS:(

  3. hi maggie
    it is just called beautyblender (one word) Asos just sold out its stock hopefully they'll bring some back

    try is free delivery

  4. eve, you're evil LOL
    i'm now hooked on Barry M and don't need to be hooked on Beautyblender XDDD



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