Thursday, November 5, 2009

With Love from East Asia

So after nearly a week without blogging. I give you 2 post at a time.

Mainly is to say thank you to 2 people. Kay and Jennifer who’s package arrived amid the 3 weeks postal strike. (yes for the past 3 weeks, the postal strike in UK every weds thurs fri.. it took 1 package from HK 3 weeks to arrive.. and it has cash in it..)

First Kay’s package ended up roughly the week before.. all I did was munch through her chocolate biscuits thingy..
I swapped some BB cream to her, and she help to buy the JuJu Aqua Moist hydraulic acid serum which I was desperate to try. I have a pharmacist friend who swear hydraulic acid is really good for your skin and it is a must ingredients for good skin routine. Since JuJu says it is 100% hydraulic acid.. lets see if it will transform my skin

the chocolate cookies thingy which i ate almost immediately (yes it is empty) the JuJu acid serum on the top right and some sample from Kay.
i was quite anxious coz my package took 3 weeks to reach Japan..

The second package came from Jennifer. I saw she was offering to swap away her dior Blush and since we both have similar skintone I thought It’ll good to try (and when i met her in summer, she said it is her HG.. ) I also got a swap for a Shu Uemura Primer as I’m a primer and foundation addict at the moment..

I totally recommend jennifer as a swapper. I met her in MUA and since then she even took me to makeup shopping 1st day when I arrived in HK. The swap I got from her all come with original box.. and tonnes of samples

see all the goodies? thank you muah! and the maquillage lippies sample..

seriously for people with darker skintone, we need to sample the colour before buying. We simply can’t fit any colour they launch.. that’s how i buy my other lippes

I am currently super uber busy even I don’t need to go to work in cupcakes. I am setting up a second company, working through my self assessment and struggling with phd.

I wonder if anyone here can read Korean? I’m struggling with some korean content and need some help... it is about Leon Lai, who sung a tv theme song in Korea...

I noticed there’s lots of interest in Ettusais so I have taken all my Ettusais products photo and will do a review on them. They are mostly products with nearly no review so keep an eye on this blog..

that’s all from me.


  1. Eve,
    let me know what you think of the Orbis Cleansing Liquid :)!! It cleared my skin and my acne out last year (though they now come back again, I'm using BB cleansing oil + Fancl cleansing oil...) lol

    hope you like the lippies!!

  2. i really like the juju line. Their products are mostly made with HA which is the most effective hydration ingredient. I hope you will like it.



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