Sunday, November 22, 2009

bargain buy! NYC pressed mineral powder

So after nearly 2 months of no-buy, I broke my no-buy (but hey.. 2 months is impressive) and bought something to make me happy. I had a very depress day when I was told I was not good enough... sigh.. well i’ll keep going..

What’s NYC?

I am not sure. I think it is an imitation of the famous NYX brand (which I heard is coming to London)

All i know it is known for their mineral powder, My Beauty SPot did a good review on this.

Where can you find them?

Superdrugs. Which is just your local shop really

How much?
big smile please

The mineral powder cost only 3.99
and the face powder is 4.99

total damage is 9GBp for 2 items (15 USD)

Pressed Mineral Powder

They offer the loose powder and pressed powder. But i choose pressed because it is easier to carry when travelling

packaging wise : is really drugstore. No fancy and it makes you don’t want to buy it

However, if you look pass the packaging it is pretty ok

my thought:

I have not tried other mineral powder but feel this is really good. No caking and gives a smooth complexion.
My skin has cleared up a lot (until I used that l’egere again..) and applying the mineral powder gives me a natural healthy look.
I use the body shop kabuki brush because it is a lot softer and good in applying
Is there any con I can pick on? nearly nil

absolutely love the fact it is only 7 USD...

my first experience with mineral powder is great so far. but won’t be replacing my liquid foundation

the shade in Natural Beige is a perfect match as well (to NC 30)

(I’ll do the face powder in a separate post)

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  1. Eve, I heard that NYX is coming to hK!! they have a HK website but apparently there is nothing about retailing in stores or flagship stores or whatsoever :X its kinda funny just looking at the site, haha!

    Glad you found a drugstore foundation that works for you! I could never find out which shade suits me without a counter SA's help :P

    Hope everything's going well with you soon!



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