Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shu Uemura Nobara foundation review

I bought home the Shu Uemura foundation which makes me a super happy girl.

The NOBARA Foundation is a cream foundation in a horrible plastic container

I also bought the sponge because usually the company make the sponge just to go well on its own product

So here you go:

NOBARA Crema foundation:

The pros:

high coverage, natural look
no need for powder on top
wedding artist favourite (oh yes! oh yes!, it was the bride-zilla shopping mode)

The Cons:

horrible plastic container that you have no option to put in a normal compact case (shu uemura don’t even do the compact case for this)
this horrible version is going to be discontinued, and replace by the stick version

Stick version is good right?
Not for your money. The plastic container version holds 13g, but the stick version holds only 10g. THey charge you the same.


I got 10% off so I’m a happy bunny

the NOBARA foundation: 22.90 GBP
the sponge: 3.51 GBP

To the photos review (which says a truth better than me)

the best example of how never trust SA to fit your shade under a big big light..

even though I have Jamilla next to me when I test this.. see how different it is to my normal skin tone.

this is at least 5 shades lighter.. anyway you can see how it compares to my original naked skin

Shu Uemura VS Maybelline Mineral Liquid foundation (754 shade to 03 Sand)

unfortunately the skin tone mishap continues. But it still match my face colour in general. Look at my hand, it matches the tone on my face

I find that the Maybelline Mineral Liquid foundation matches with a bit of yellow tone.

But look at the eyes area, Shu Uemura obviously have better concealing powder than Maybelline, it hides the eye bags without using concealer

Shu Uemura VS Angelfit Liquid foundation (743 vs W7)

If you look at the area where the word ‘Angelfit printed’ you can see the red tone is not very well covered by Angelfit.

Both does not contain SPF so you need to apply sunscreen, and Primer to hide the red tone

Shu Uemura wins on coverage, again compare the eye area and you’ll see Shu covers better

Shu Uemura VS Revlon color stay (754 vs 310)

Now moving to European brand of foundation and even you can’t see it clearly from photos, it does give you pink tone
So for me it needs some kind of whiter powder to mix in and match my skintone.
Coverage wise is nearly the same as Shu, just Shu wins on providing yellow tone foundation

Shu Uemura vs Lancome Color Ideal (754 VS 03)

Finally, the very expensive lancome foundation, again with a bit of red tone once you compare it with Shu

i seriously hated this foundation coz it is just not quite right. Does it cover my spot? no
does it cover my eye bag? no
does it match my tone? no
and why it is so expensive?

So Shu won because of my hate towards Lancome color Ideal

I am going to try their liquid foundation next, perhaps after x’mas to see how well it fits. Stay tuned!


  1. OMG Eve!! I think you should should have bought at least 2 shades darker!! I WAS standing next to you, and it looked perfect on your skin. I think the only way is to have someone take a photo and show you the results before you leave the cosmetic counter.

    I am so sorry...otherwise, it's a nice foundation!

  2. Other than the color match being way off, it looks pretty good! :D

    Will you be exchanging it for a darker shade?

  3. is ok Jamilla. if you look at other foundation I got, they're all a bit light. Not sure if I'll exchange for darker version as they're ok. I'm going to try out tmr in the dark so no one knows hehe

  4. wow. those bright lights in house of fraser really do lie. =/ It was still a lovely formula though haha =)

    my angelfit is too white for me, but i kinda mix it with a darker foundation to get the right shade?



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