Friday, November 6, 2009

Ettusais Dark Circle fighter Dual, concealer and essence review

Since there’s tonnes of ppl interested in Ettusais, I decide to do yet another review on some other products I have.

This is something I purchase in HK when I was there in summer 09.

Ettusais is a Shiseodo brand specialising in Adult acne problem. If you have problem with oil control in humid and hot climate, or just in general, Ettusais is definitely for you. A friend who went to Fukuoka with me went all crazy with Ettusais. I was rather surprise how popular Ettusais is among girls between 20-30.

In Japan, Ettusais is a drug store brand, but in HK it is a counter brand. So if you love samples. Ettusais in HK is absolutely brilliant. I think I walked away with at least 20 samples with my purchase. (and yet to use them, haha)

Eye zone massaing essence

To use:
as a eye serum at night.

to fight dark cirlce (it says nth about lines ok?)

What it claims to do:
help blood circulation around eye area
also kick dark circle away with dry fine lines

15g (rather standard...)

nearly 40 USD

the essence comes with a pump. I always think how company can produce an illusion that 15g is actually a lot

How it looks like in real life. It has some shimmering properties in the clear gel


Ok I’m 28. I know i’m old. I know according to the majority of cosmetic company, I shall be crazy over anti aging products. Hey, I do look 18 ok? so getting a dark circle fighter product totally ok.

but... this is rather disappointing. My dark circle is definitely there. It didn’t work the miracle
It is rather drying as well (for UK autumn climate) and I need something more moisturising.

When the SA tried it on me, I like the quickly absorb texture. But... I can’t really use this as a base for the makeup because it is not helping to moisturising at all.
My boots No.7 perfect and protect is doing the job.

So finaly verdict? don’t waste your money on this.
If you want something to fight back dark circle. the Shiseido White Lucent Eye treatment works much much better

Eye Zone tinted color essence

Now now.. this is a really interesting product

Official introduction and product use:

No alcohol, no fragrance, no Oil elements and skin sensitivity taste

Have skin tone adjustment, can adjust dark circle and blemish to natural skin tone

What it is?

According to my SA, it is like a eye cream but tinted. So it is a skin care routine rather than makeup, which is good for your eyes

4g (very standard.. but I think Boi-ing is around 7g)

The actual product. Very convinient to put in handbag

It is like other pen-concealer, it has a brush head to apply on the eye area

Trying on my hand, do you see I have the cross scar? Courtesy to Mui Chu.
Going to use this eye essence to cover it up

Applied on the scar area, it has lightened up the scar, but yet to cover


this is the first ever eye concealer that is not really a makeup product. We have BB cream, tinted moisturiser which is suppose to be a skincare routine rather than makeup.
now we have Ettusais eye essence that is like a tinted moisturiser, not too harmful to the skin.

I like the idea of it. I don’t need to think too much if I didn’t take this off at night. Hey, it is eye essence, moisturising yet cover up my blemish. The texture is quite smooth, but as it is primarily to lighten up the area of your dark circle, I don’t think it helps with acne scar or blemish. It is purely for eye area and that’s it.

I probably will buy a 2nd tube of it as I like the idea. I like how it applies using the brush.

So, if you are interested, you can safely buy this.


  1. I also have this Eye zone massaing essence
    and always thought that this product probably doesn't only work for me^^; so Boot No.7 is much more better or do u have other products to suggest?thanks so much for ur answer^^
    Great reviews*

  2. i kept walking past ettusais when i was staying in shatin over the summer, but i never got enticed by any products...hmmm. The second product [tinted eye cream] reminded me of my beautymaker magic eye concealer. haha

    and yes, YOU DO LOOK 18. =D

  3. I second Yin, u def look young ha.

    Yeah I felt the same with the Ettusais essence too, my heart sunk when i saw the shimmer in this serum..It should have been a sign lol! I just got the Guerlain Perfect White C Eye treatment, hopefully that might be as good as people say Shiseido white lucent is XD

    p.s. tried the neck essence from shiseido white lucent, hardly worked I thought, the massage cream in the line is good though!



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