Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's on your x'mas list?

I have been a bit down recently. One of my employer (well I work for multiple ppl) gave me 12 hours before work asking if I can cut my pay 1/2 to work with her. So Immediately said no and goodbye my cupcake job. (but I can still deliciously cupcake at home. I learnt all the skills) How cheeky can someone do that?

So instead of bitching about that stupid woman (the cupcake Co is called Faircake, just in case you want to send her hate mails) I decide to make good use of 2 months worth of holiday and write a bit on a PhD and do some lemming over a lot of things :)

This is just a post dedicated for X’mas.. for self-indulgence

1. Samsung ST 500/ ST 550

look at this baby, do you know why I want it? because there’s a twin LCD, a LCD in the front so that you know how you look like.
Isn’t this clever?
This is just the camera every blogger needs for your FOTD
This is costing around 170 on amazon, but 130 in Hong Kong.


Shu Uemura Liquid fondation in SPF 10

Keen to try again!
think this is a rather thick foundation which I used in May for the wedding
Must get it in the right shade this time

  1. iLap

this is a laptop holder for the comfort of your head, wrist and back design especially for macbook
It’ll help with the overheat issue for macbook alumniumn and hopefully it’ll solve my wrist pain when i use the touchpad

4. iPhone 3GS

do I even need to explain why i want this? just because it is cool
I am using a N95 8GB which is cool and very very useful in many ways, still i want something classy hehe
the problem is I am saving myself with a super cheap monthly rental from my mobile company (so cheap you won’t believe) and more than 1 company phones.
Iphone is rather difficult to unlock and since I’m travelling very soon again, unsure if I should really get this.

5. Pet’s costume

dao dao might hate me but I’m sure Mui Chu will allow me
I want to dress them up for x’mas to busk around ...
do you think people will throw stones at them or give me a few more bucks to dress them up as Hello Kitty?

What is your x’mas gift list then??


  1. sorry about ur job, though I think it's good u got out of it before spending major effort and im sure u'll find something else XD

    Always good to rest/travel for a while, hehe~ U got me a serious lemming on that ilap, didnt know it even existed! I had a laptop cooler but it didnt work well so i gave it to my bf~He's been lemming that iphone 3gs since forever n ur post didnt help either lol! Keeps getting hints*cough* for his xmas present as that,we will see...xxx

  2. Thanks for your thoughtful comment about the MU travel packing, Eve.

    Sorry about the job, if i were you i would quit too, she's talking about slashing 1/2 of the salary! is this woman crazy?

    But on the brighter side, you have more time to do the things you like (more MU) XD

  3. Sorry about the Faircake gig...that was really crappy of her!

    You do need some rest though, and it IS good for the dissertation as you pointed out.

    Enjoy your time off, and good luck with the Shu foundation matching!



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