Saturday, December 5, 2009

Packing for a long trip - Make up (part 2)

I am doing this Part 2 post together with my trip to Berlin. I know what I need to pack and been playing with all my foundation to make sure the best is taken with me and since Ryanair is the most horrible airline in the world, I’m carrying just cabin luggage for 4 days.. including clothing for a very snowy weather (how do I do it? I don’t know)

What to bring for Make up :

If possible, bring all of your point makeup please. That’s if really possible. The reason is there’s no way you can hit a pan with point makeup only if you wear it every day. Do you wear the same eye colour/blush everyday? not me. i alternate from smokey eyes to natural eyes, blue eyes to sparkly eyes. From orange blush to super pink blush, and rosy to peach etc. I only hit pan with 1 blush and that’s gransenbon (totally love you granesebon)

So bring all them your point makeup and that’s your reason not to spend on replacing your makeup when you are away with the same colour thing. Those saved pennies add up and will be well used in the future.

Here’s my recommendation:


bring compact / two way

liquid foundation x 2 (bring something moisturising and some with high coverage)

powder (only if you are already using powder to finish off your makeup)


1 natural and 1 smokey, also at least 4 different sparkling colour
you can re-create with a palette of 4 colours and mix with the sparkling/outrageous colour you brought.
that’s very easy to create a new look

Eye makeup

2 tube of mascara (one for long lashes, one for volume)


4 different blush in the following: rosy, pink, peach, contouring


it is up to you. I think maximum is around 6 colours. I don’t really use lipsticks so they’re all gloss


bring everything with you. Tools is so important that is not easy to replace

so there you go.

I’m off to Berlin for the next few days. Hope to update you with photos...


  1. Have a safe trip! I hope you have a good time in Berlin. Stay warm :3 For me, since I basically wear the same makeup look everyday (lol) I would mostly pack up skincare. I've been sporting the same makeup look for the past 3 months! xD Same products and everything. Hehe

  2. Even, thanks for this helpful post :D! I think i will bring a large luggage (around 21kg i guess), a hand-carry luggage (those that fits the above-head cabin on the flight) and a backpack :)



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