Saturday, December 19, 2009

The haul and the love(S)

X’mas x’mas x’mas..we love x’mas and it is time to gift.

Thanks so much to Jamilla for her X;mas card. This year, rather than putting all cards received aside (coz I never send cards... shame!) I duly displayed them. Unfortunately cats thought it is a knock the card game and every hour I am on my hands and knees to pick up the cards from the floor..

Anyway, I thought to those who are reading, you’ll notice I haven’t show any haul pictures for a long time.. so in a haul special.. I’ll show you some of my haul recently, nothing exciting and to say thank you all ladies who did swap, Secret Santa with me.

A super large disclaimer: because my cats love any kind of sticker that comes from the package, they have mess up which is which and therefore swaps are grouped into whatever cat find it first (and hide it last). Forgive me. I am Slave No.2 to cats (No.1 S title goes to S)

This is a collective haul from Uniqlo (and where i met miss_Waterlily at a japanese restaurant after this shopping)
My bro works in Uniqlo and it was family week, so I went in and snap as many clothing for myself and S.
I bought all essential items, Heat tech (they’re sooo goood.. soogood that it is unbelievable)
a premium down jacket from +J collection
a cashmere jumper from +J
a few tights.
cardigansn and jeans for S

This comes from Tammy from not a rich girl. She’s my secret santa and sent me some goodies. OMG! ELF blushes!!!! and face shop (never tried them before)

more goodies from Tammy (and some random samples I received from other packages)

more goodies from Tammy (oh benefit oh benefit, how can you be so pretty?) (Sing along with oh! x’mas tree)

Masks sheet that was consumed nearly as soon as it arrived at my door (oh yes those cellar tapes as well by cats)

My high end swaps/wins
Top right: a Dior blush swap with Jennifer (love you sweetheart. I’ll send you some survival package when you’re in Copenhagen)
Top middle: a little present from Yumeko (that came along with the handbag organiser)
Botton left: the Dior blush that I win from Jamilla’s giveaway. i should really put this under the x’mas tree but unfortunately the tree is destroyed every 5 sec.

Been approached to do a review for SKIN MD. and some samples. I’ll do a giveaway once I’m fully settled from my daily life chaos
and bottom left, is something I bought from cosmetic-candy blogsale (think is the black pore cleanser)

I found my natural shade!
Middle: lavshuca 070 two way compact. A bit drying but perfect shade colour. (that’s how I know I’m now a NC35)

Right: shu uemura brozne base control. I plan to use this to mix for the right shade with my existing foundation

Left: Shu Urmura UV Primer, again a swap from Jennifer
right: a Japanese primer from japan. Privacy

So that’s all from me.

I’ll try to post a review on a few of these items within this week. Been busy trying to setup 2 business at the same time. and fiddling with all these website design..

oh well. once it’s done you’ll have a look :)

and Finally

Merry x’mas to all girls! hope you have a lovely x’mas


  1. i wonder why i can't view the picture here...

  2. I have same problem as Dina mentioned too! Can't view the pictures :X

    Btw UK has Uniqlo?? OMG i should grab something warm from there.....aiya speaking of which i forgot to stop by Uniqlo today!!!

  3. Good haul at Uniglo, a couple of items i also got ^^

    It was nice bumping into u there, we will see each other soon i hope~

  4. oo... loads of goodies^^

    hope your having a great xmas~~ xx



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