Monday, December 21, 2009

Food around the world

the bibimbab we had in Berlin. the restaurant is called IXTHYS

Just came back from Berlin, interesting trip. Most so, I felt that globalisation is just around us. S has a phobia in German food. Why do you need so much potatoes and meat in your diet? can’t some simple cabbage be added to the meal? (which I kindly pointed out that there’s Kale on sale in X’mas market)
Anyway, this trip consist of eating in a:

Vietnamese restaurant - i had a pho and vietnamese filter coffee
Korean Christian restaurant - the best bibimbab ever!
Russian market store - the borsch was just so good

 the currywurst with bread

and of course, currywurst, various sausages, crepes,maroon etc which you just need to have in German.

Usually when I travel, i like to have some kind of ethnic cuisine. I love how generic food melted into a foreign culture. I went to a Chinese restaurant once in Italy, the waiters loved me for the fact I spoke Chinese. And I had fun eating some kind of Italian Chinese food. I still remember that i kept thinking the Chinese food was not right, when local Italian was walking in all the time.

My home made Kimchi

I love going to vietnamese restaurant in France, Korean in Germany, Chinese in London. Cantonese cuisine in Taiwan, French in Australia. You are not looking for authenicity in these places, but a kind of hyberdisation and a type of globalisation in the food. You are trying to look for the local elements in foreign food. You are trying how a dish is recreate using local ingredients. Always, how vegetables and meat are used fasinate me. My friends don’t understand why I walked into an Argentinian restaurant in Frankfurt, but hey.. Argentinian food can be just that little different, i had a brazilian lemonade there!

I just cooked some fusion cuisine yet again. Hot pot with korean kimchi (made at home), and Sichuan Chilli soup base. oh yummy....


  1. omg, the bibimbab looks delicious! i knowww, the germans love their meat!

  2. u need to give me the recipe or whereever to find that sichuan soup base XD

  3. yummy the home made kimchi looks delicious

  4. I love BIBIMBAB!!!!!
    SO delicious!
    Your post is making me hungry!

  5. Thanks for the food porn and Happy Christmas!!



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