Tuesday, December 15, 2009

calling for people who want to spree imomoko

hi girls

ok one off special. Just wondering if any girls who are in UK or Europe want to join a mail spree in Imomoko.

Imomoko is having a 15%off with all products on their site and I have 1 item that I want to haul (Just used up my concealer and want to try Kevin beautymaker)

but.. despite the cost of the kevin beautymaker concealer only cost 7GBP after the discount, the shipping is killing me.

So.. since the shipping is only 15.99 USD and it is for any order (no limitation as I understand) I am looking to anyone who wants to join a spree together.

This is how I think we can work it out:

  1. email me at kanonlin@gmail.com on which items you want, deadline 19th Dec
  2. I will email you back on the shipping price depending on how many girls join. If 4 girls including myself is buying, then the shipping cost is 15.99 divided by 4
  3. I will invoice you with paypal and you can pay me
  4. put in order with imomoko
  5. once it arrived in UK, i’ll send it out to you by local post. Again, I’ll only take the cost of local post and ask for paypal payment.
  6. Any girls in Europe are welcome to join since we’re free from custom tax anyway
Here you go. One -off special

1 comment:

  1. I'd join XD

    I am going to need sometime to browse though but will definitely get back to you by friday!



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