Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two lip balm review - Vaseline Rosy Lips and rosy Petal salve

Winter has arrived!! at least in the UK, I finally took out my heavy coats and hang them up. for some reason.. I don’t have enough winter clothings this year to get by.. I wonder why.

Anyway, I thought I’ll do a lip balm review, reviewing two of my HG products


Rose & Co Apothecary Lip balm


Where to buy:
not everywhere, selected boots, waitrose or online

reason to buy:
this is an alternative to the normal Vaseline lip balm, except it is made from Rose petal and a lovely Rose scent

My verdict:
Great product but very pricey. 99p versus 5GBP for a rose scent. However, this is only available in the UK, and the pretty packaging.. I can’t resist
It has no colour and not as ‘oily/waxy’ as Vaseline. I use this on my skin problems if in case i have no body cream on me. Great to just put it in the bag and use it on lips or skin.
They have other products along this Rose pedal and lip balm range.. still thinking if I should get it.. it is pricey for me though

Vaseline Petroleum jelly Rose Lips


Varies from 1.29 to 1.99

Waitrose and some selected drugstores. Not as widely available to other Vaseline products

My verdict:
if you are on the go, and need a hint of colour I totally totally recommend this. In fact, on a quick day, this is one of the only 3 products i put on my face other than foundation and eyeliner.
This is cheap but not easy to get, and I believe not available outside UK as well. Your lips will love you by putting this on rather than a lipstick. This keep my lips from drying out.

One of the best buy and souvenir from outside UK. in fact, I stock myself with this rosy Lips and give out from time to time to people who wanted this.

Both of these products is a must have for me when I travel....


  1. My skin is drying up as we speak!! I'm onto to cocoa butter and shea butter these days!

  2. I've heard so many good things about the Rose Petal, but haven't tried it yet! I should!

  3. wow.. i would really like to try rose petal stuff!!!



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