Saturday, October 24, 2009

It is a cookie day

This week super super busy... Lets start with something nice

So other than a PhD student I now work as cupcake assistant, meaning I bake cupcakes.. This week we have an order of

5 tier wedding cake
200 cookies piped with guest name as wedding favours
100 cupcakes
1 top cake

so I was put into an accelerated course on making cookies and here’s what i did:


this is my first attempt piping and I find using the simpliest colour makes the best cookie...

I plan to make some cookie for x’mas and just learned how to ice a cake, so x’mas cake is my biggest challenge from now.

also did some sugar modelling


I fancy making some pretty girls but think they look much better with their facial expressions

So that’s gd.. did 100 cupcakes with making the colour buttercream as well all is well and it is very easy now..

Also, my ASOS order arrived! yeah!!!

so I’ll do a review of the beauty blender.. such a good product!!



  1. I love those cookies! Can't wait to see your handiwork in person, lol!

  2. Wow... sounds like a lot of work!
    I wish I can be a pastry chef and open my own Bakery Cafe Shop.



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