Friday, October 9, 2009

From Jamilla with Love

Recently did a swap and bought a few items from Jamilla, all of them within a few days apart. I thought i’ll share my haul with you all. Thank you Jamilla in spoiling me with these which i never can afford

The photos are taken with holding the items in front of my macbook webcam. This is the only quick way to take photos since I no longer have a compact camera. I am lemming over the Samsung ST550.. which beautified your face and has 2 LCD which allow you to see how you look like. My old Canon TX-1 has a swivel camera like a camcorder but it was broken (out of focus) too quickly. And now I got a DSLR Song A200, which is a bit bulky to use day to day in my opinion.


Guerlain Make Up Palette

Neutral is my best friend...



Dior Bronze Sun Couture Palette (i thought the colour looks perfect on my already tanned skin)




This is a aswap from Jamilla, the Armani Designer Modelling Compact Foundation SPF22 No.5

Which is very interesting, it is cream foundation but you use the brush to apply

Looks little light on me (but the correct word is glowing!!!!)


Shu Uemura Pro Concealer 3YR

I tried very quickly on my eye bag.. and jesus...

Good bye boi-ing, good bye laneige

This is my fav..

Promise to do a FOTD next post, this is due too long


  1. I am glad that Royal Mail started delivering again!! Can't wait for your FOTD!!

  2. Adorable goodies! Jamilla knows how to spoil, hehe...

  3. OMG.. amazing stuff!! Shu Uemura Pro Concealer is really excellent :) it covers anything...

  4. OMG!!! now you make me wanna try Shu concealer too /.\ too bad its too tempting !!!

    I actually like the Shu foundation, it looks sooo natural! (although I still need concealer for spots and undereyes but at least there is one foundation that doesn't look obvious)

    Are those palettes only available at Duty Free? They look like they are :) lucky girl!



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