Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My 2 cents on BB cream


I am here to declare I won’t buy anymore BB cream. (and use up everything I have or swap them away). Having been using BB cream for over 1 year, I think I can make a good judgement if it is suitable for me or not.

I’ll break down why I decide to give up:

  1. is it true it is all in 1
the all in one includes, no primer, no moisturiser, no sunscreen, no concealer
Well that’s how it sell it to me. however, it is rather dry to apply on (and you only use little of it) you need to moisture. Yes you don’t need primer or sunscreen as it includes it, but most of the BB cream does not have concealing power compare to a normal concealer. I need to dab some concealer around eye around.
So in one way, BB cream wins, but most of the foundation also contains SPF and long lasting nowadays.

  1. What BB actually means
Blemish cream. It is for dedicate skin after surgery or to skin that is prone to spots. Therefore it is rather dry in nature. Jamilla did a few great post on her experience using BRTC after her IPL treatment. But in general, the mass market BB cream does not contain such quality. Gary Chung, a makeup artist from Hong Kong is actually anti-BB cream, he feels BB cream is being misunderstood and used in the wrong way. (that’s before he get paid to sell Mioggi bb cream)

  1. weather condition
For my combination skin, i find that bb cream cannot be wear in wet tropical weather . My problem is that I can only use BB Cream in weather like Uk, cold and dry most of the time. The oil control properties do not exist in the BB cream I use for some reasons (Missha in particular)
You can mix BB cream with foundation if you want to wear it. But why spend your time doing it when foundation does the job anyway?

  1. adjustable shade
This is where i find most of the problem. I have NC30, and basically nearly all BB cream cannot cater for my skin tone. The only bb cream that can ‘adjust’ to my skintone are L’egere Red tube, Missha Shade 23, Nanoce. The rest, bin!
For fairskin you probably ok with most of the bb cream exist. For me.. I’m afraid that bb cream needs to go.

5.        coverage and texture
again, this varies from brand to brand. Some provides light/featherlike (Begin My Pride, jadilla J, L’egere) coverage, and some with extreme coverage (Missha). We tend to think if BB cream is ‘1’product, the coverage etc should be similar from brand to brand. Oh no, very wrong.
Firstly, you need to require new skill to apply bb cream. You use a pea size and fingers to apply. Secondly, you need to wait until it adjust to your skintone before you do anything. All in all, too much fuff and not liking the idea.

All in all, do I recommend BB cream to anyone? Yes. if you have some skin treatment and need some gentle foundation. Yes to those who want light coverage.

i travel lots and can only pack 1 foundation, so since no idea how bb Cream will perform in each country, it is safer to pack foundation only.

(this entry is written by macjournal.. what do you think?)


  1. Interesting. I'm still in a BB cream phase (have tons in sample tubes) but I'm starting to see how you can opt for foundation. Personally I think I'll retain just one or two types (Missha Perfect Cover and BRTC Jasmine) then rely on tinted moisturizers in the future. That is, if I can keep up my good skin haha :)

    Great post.

  2. OMG congrats to your never-ending quest for BB creams!! I am still keeping my Missha shade 23 though - it works perfectly during winter. But I think i won't be getting anymore BB creams after i finished with this one...that's why I'm looking for foundations and primers now LOL

  3. Wow! I'm so glad I found your blog. I recently got seduced by BB cream and have been trying to find my fav ever since most are just too dry/caky on me. I'll try some of your suggestions and see how they work out.



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