Friday, October 16, 2009

Frankfurt trip and Maybelline Pure Mineral Foundation Review

Frankfurt and maybelline pure Mineral Foundation

So the post about frankfurt which I went just 2 weeks ago. I thought i’ll post this up before i forget...
I basically spend all my time at the hotel (doing my tax return !!!) I can totally understand why people moans, in fact I am soo overdue that I am getting a big slap by my tax office

So while I am doing my accounts:

German Apple Custard cake (and the vaseline rosy lips next to it, you can see.. Rosy Lips is my HG)


Went to frankfurt coz S went for training. Except he whole heartedly hate german food. This is an argentian steak covered with cheese and garlice with super super nice potatoe crisp/fries.. and behind there’s the guana juice from Brazil. I love globalisation...


I finally venture out and took a 2.5 hour with the tourist office. They operate everyday morning and afternoon. In here, i use mascara, Maybelline pure Mineral Foundation and rosy lips. Again just to hide those blemish on face...

sigh.. i look fat (we all say that right?)


The famous Korean dinner in Frankfurt. And look at the starters! definitely much better in London. For those who don’t know, there’s a big Korean community in Germany, so you have really good korean restaurant. But not cheap. The pancake is around 14 euros
But love love the starters


Ok back to the Maybelline foundation.

i got 030 as shade, I think they have 4 shades.
Compare to the powder mineral foundation, I always prefer liquid, not very sure why, but this is personal preference (will blog about my experience with compact foundation next post)

I bought this because i feel that I need a cheaper foundation, even cheaper than Revlon. And this only cost 7 GBP, and i bought it in the airport before i left for Frankfurt. Bought some sponge at boots, but they’re rubbish.

ok my view:
Nice and simple. Less coverage than BB cream, but better for your skin. It is quite sheer, and easy to apply. However, i need more concealer to hide my acne scar by using this.
Another little complain is it doesn’t stay on face long enough for my liking. In my previous photo, I only been out for 1.5 hrs since I apply and it looks like i haven’t put on. I think I need to get a powder to set it (lemming over Barry M powder)
It is a buyable product for girls who wear makeup, espeically in office environment. And that’s what I’ll use for my cupcake lesson.


A big news.

Dao has a new girlfriend.

welcome. mui Chu (妹豬)


our new additional to the Dao Dao Kingdom


  1. OH MIAOW! She's adorable!!

    You also look adorable too...I do like the Pure.Mineral foundation too.

    You've got to get the Barry M Powder No.'s fab!

    Thanks for the cake porn and can't wait to see the cookies!

  2. hey Eve!
    let me know what you have in your makeup bag you wanna swap :) i have updated my swap list on MUA as well so you can pick things you like from there!

  3. haha btw! what a cute name for the cat :)!!! where did you get the new cat from? do they get along?



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