Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hit the Pan (Photos Heavy)

Hiya. I’m back after I need to clear up with dao’s ‘present’.I thought I better do a proper post in beauty.

I have been reading a few blogs including URCosme about ‘hit the pan’. Basically you show off the makeup or skincare products that you have nearly use-up. Now.. it is rather difficult for makeup to be used up, and I managed to do with a few. If anyone wants a good review of any of the products I feature today, please feel free to leave a message and I shall write a good review about it.

1. Borghese Pink Fango mud
I have this for more than 2 years. My mom always use Borghese and of course I buy it for myself. This mud compare to the original fango mud features brightening and moisturising. Anyone who likes doing facial at home but can’t afford high prices (i.e. paper masks) should invest on this. Although the SA says it lasts 3 months, trust me, this last for years

2. Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve
Bought in Dec 07, and it is nearly hitting the pan. Compare to Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, it says it helps any dryness on any part of the body. I suffered from enzyme on legs and if in case I have no cream on me, this is my saviour.
Also, this has the lovely rose smell and not dominating.

3. IPSA eye shadow palette
Jesus, when did I buy this? 2003?
I think it is at the end of its life as you can see the ‘brown’ colour is hitting the pan, and the light cream colour has solidified. I’m keeping this as it is a very good colour combination and waiting to get to HK to find a replacement.

4. Lippies
Nude lips for me means dark red rose colour. On the left we have Ettusais lipsticks. Which I have repurchased once and used up.
One the right we have the IPSA lipgloss, and I will definitely repurchase as I tried more than 5 lipgloss and unable to match the same colour. It is a peachy-rose on me and it is really pigmented.

5. Gransenbon Blush
I love love love this. It is light, great brush included and great colour. Bought in July 2007 and definitely repurchasing.

6. Moisturiser and BB cream
Vichy Aqulia Thermal Light (which I reviewed) and this is actually my third tube.
Skinfood Mushroom BB cream Shade no.2 is my first ever bb cream and bought in March 2008 when the BB cream crazy only just started. I was told by the SA this is a tinted moisturiser (fair explanation). However I won’t repurchase because it is a little bit light on me.

7. Concealers
Laniege Concealer No.3 is really good on acne and spots. And I used the Benefit Erase Paste No.2 as well until I discovered Boi-ing. I probably won’t repurchase either of the items because I am getting old and they caked up during the day. I’m in HK for a good concealer lookout.

all the reasons that I can shop heavily in HK, haha....


  1. Damn that's a lot of pan!!! Hahaha, you must be proud~ :]

  2. hey dear. pls review Borghese. I was thinking of trying this out for the 1st time and I'm looking at one that can help dehydrated skin. tks!

  3. ur amazing for hitting pans on makeup! I can manage using up a lot of skincare items(not the borghese mud though i just gave up half way through, as i found them too irritating for me), but makeup never! The further i have gotten is more than half way on an anna sui lipgloss, and I used it for like the whole of last summer!

  4. wheee so many hit pans!!! It's so impossible to hit pan on makeup...grrrrr :)

  5. Thats what I like to see - pan bottoms! LOL

    I haven't been wearing make up that long but I hope that I can be as frugal with my goodies too! I am ashamed to say that I have been rather wasteful!! :(

  6. Wished, I had so much makeup products that already hit the pan... :p

    The only one makeup that is going to hit the pan for the second time (after I ran out of the first one) is my BENEFIT Get Even Powder.

  7. Can you do a post on what you are planning to purchase in HK? :)

  8. OMG! For me to his so many pans, I'd have to change my makeup 5 times a day!

    Let us know what you plan to buy in HK!

  9. Hey Eve! this is Jennifer from HK!! Finally the Gransenbon Blush you're talking about shows up on here LOL i've been dying to know how it looks like cause i dont see it around in Watsons...:/ lets hope we can find it next week *super excited now*

    do you still keep your benefit erase paste? is that good??

    J xx

  10. btw you make me sooo wanting to start a beauty blog now!!!

  11. I love the rose petal salvee!!!

  12. your so good hitting the pan and all, you deserve to shop more!! hehe



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