Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hnog Kong/Japan Shopping List (Part 1)

As requested by Mad Murderer Mud and Jamilla Camel, and my partner-in-crime Jennifer (oh darling.. I am sooo meeting you next week, super excited) I’m doing a special Hong Kong post.

Due to S nature, he basically moan about price price price, I developed a habit of comparing price (it is a good habit seriously), so this is must say I have tried to research over the past 2 months and this is kind of a conclusion.

Let me first introduce my partner-in-crime No.1: aka My luggage

Samsonite Black Label Pink made of Leather (32 inch, the biggest one in pic)

Isn’t it Gorgeous? I got it for 80% off the original price in Bicester Village, which is a outlet shopping village for all brand names like Chanel, and Prada and Dior and L’occitance and (it goes on and on)

If anyone is seriously coming to UK to shop, you MUST MUST MUST stop there! My suitcase is buy one get one free so I aquire this Alexander McQueen as well. (22inch)


(I’m probably selling this on ebay once I’m back from UK.. but I don’t really need this)

About Samsonite, I hesitate about it. Because my brother's suitcase was damaged first time it was used and Samsonite refused to repair it (even it is within warranty) This Black Label is top of the range, so rather than having 3years on the cheaper range or 10 years on the more expensive range, it is a Lifetime warranty, even if my wheels need replacement they will do it for free repair (I’ve asked for than 3 times about warranty and the SA said they will repair it because it is Black Label series)

Here’s the list I am planning to buy in Hong Kong: (Jennifer, make note! Lol)

IPSA Metabolizer – 125ml for $530

IPSA Time Reset extract – 15ml for $450

Neutrogena Fine Fairness New products range – (maybe $200)

Biore Cleansing Oil - $68

Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask – 5 pieces for around $70

My Beuaty Diary (Platinum version, not normal)- 6 pieces for $90

Borghese Blue Mud – 450ml for $500

Eye shadow palette from either Lunasol or Coffret

Borghese Eye Treatment or Shiseido White Lucent Eye Treatment

A super good eye concealer that don’t ‘highlight’ my fine lines

Translucent Powder (oil control use)

Paul & Joe Whitening Set ($350)

In Japan

Eye shadow palette from MM and Granesbon

Blush from Granesbon

Shiseido Maquillage –eyeliner and mascara (new summer collection)


  1. but i don't think that beauty daries mask is worth, over priced!

  2. Hey Eve! i use the regular My Beauty Diary masks ($58 for 10 pieces - well worth it), but i'm not sure if they have the PLatinum one in store, i haven't seen it yet. LOL from the pics i can see that you have done LOTS of research XDDD
    Let's find that super-good concealer together! I think we should go and try out: Laura Mercier, Lancome effracernes, Bobbi Brown, errr basically we can try every brand LOL

    Didn't Ipsa's 3-colored concealer work for you??

  3. Hi, thanks for the post!
    Can't wait for part 2 :)

  4. The Biore cleansing oil is overpriced too! And they are other cheaper alternatives that work better. I've used Biore before and it gave me breakouts. It smelled really nice though. Have fun in HK! :) Careful about your bags and valuables.

  5. hi there eve, i probably wouldn't recommend shiseido white lucent line cos it's useless. get more paul&joe whitening serum instead.

  6. thanks all the ladies!!!
    I take the my beauty masks, and cleansing oil and perhaps the white lucent off my list. It is great to belong in the beauty blog community. Love you all

  7. hi Eve ^^ i'm Chinese and live in london too, haha (well my parents are from HK) but just wanted to tell you that the P&J whitening serum is only £26 in the UK... don't think they have the set here though! but i remember checking before and coz of the exchange rate, its cheaper to buy it here!

  8. ooooh! Thanks for the post! I agree with Cheryl...go for the P&J stuff.

    Your luggage is gorgeous! I just trashed a suitcase and a computer bag, so we got me a new Tripp 360 degree roller bag about the same size as your Samsonite.

    I LOVE THAT ALEXANDER MCQueen Suitcase! How much do you want to sell it for?

  9. Try to find some Mineral Foundation for me in japan please? :) I've heard that they have the greatest mineral foundations and blush ons..

    japan shopping

  10. Very impressive! Everything that will make a woman look gorgeous and blooming. I love the way you post it with all the information and price. Thanks.



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