Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My current makeup HG

I thought I’ll do a quick post of what I use generally.

I think I’m very basic on makeup.

So from Top to bottom, left to right

Top row from the left:
Shiseido Maquillage Face Creator No. 11 (Recommended by Fuz, bought from gooddealer)
Benefit Boi-ing No. 2 and Laneige concealer no.3
MM Lash Wing Expander
Eye curler – err. Can’t remember where I get it, some random ones from Sasa (around 2 GBP)
Ettusais Day Defense powder - great for oil control, no more blotting!
L’egere BB cream – soo long lasting, great stuff!
Vaseline Rosy Lips – give a little tint to my lips and keep it moisturised for a long time
MM Liquid Eyeliner – waterproof smudge proof. One of the best I ever tried
Body Shop Vitamin E SPF15 Lippies – do not go out without SPF…

Thanks for all the ladies who left a comment and message or email me about CP. It is a surprise coz I didn’t know there are more than 10 readers out there. Haha!

Dao dao is very naughty recently, he’s on a biting mode and he has bitten me on my bum, my thighs, hands and arms of course. Maybe he knows that I’m leaving him for 1.5 months so he is not very happy.

I only used the makeup I listed here on the same photo. If you remember this is the photo I did on the same day when Jamilla tagged me.


  1. I totally agreed about Maquillage FC 11 and L'egere BB cream!

    Naughy cat! You should try not picking him up or stroking him for a while...make him come to you! My MIL's cats behave like that...they are a bit spoiled!

  2. Yeah, really basic stuff! ;)

  3. Hi Jamilla, dao dao still gives me kisses in the morning (he jumped on to the bed and kiss you on lips) just he is sometimes in this very funny mood. Think I'll leave him to stroll in the gardens and ignore him a bit...

  4. hi Jess, I know this post has very basic stuff ( is this gd or bad?) I just had a job interview today, guess what? I dig up a p&j cream foundation which I forgot... on the other hand, my Laura Mercier foundation is on its way.. muah!

  5. Aw you and Dao Dao look cute! :D

  6. I'm thinking of getting the Maquillage Face Creator, but I'm wondering if it'll show up OK on my face which is definitely a bit darker than Fuz's haha. And you look much lighter than NC30 in this picture! :)

  7. ahh that vaseline i heard can only be bought in sainsbury.. i asked my sister to pick it up and it was sold out! (the last one she saw was contaminated with a finger print eww) LOL! hmm face creator.. got me curious..!

  8. Your cat is blue-ish!!! Does she/he wield magic powers??



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