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Chanel Hydramax+ Tinted Moisturiser review

Hiya. This is Saturday morning and rather than revising my Japanese for my lesson in 5 hrs, I am here blogging. I yet survive another supervision, unfortunately, my supervisor is leaving so this is my last time seeing him in person. But I said I’ll see him in Australia so it should be fine.

This might be an anticipated review as many comments said ooo.. that looks nice! So I have test drive it for 3 days and able I hope to give a honest review.

£29 for 40ml
P.S. I have checked ebay and HK sellers claim this is £44 retail price. So not true! I don’t know if this is the price from the counter but I paid this price at House of Fraser

Shade Available:
10, 15, 20.
I’m NC30 and I tried both 15 and 20. 20 is definitely way too dark (I think it is for NC37 or darker for no. 20)
I bought No.15 which is called Sunlit

Sun protection :
SPF 15

Direction claimed by the packaging:
Smooth on face each morning.
(wheres applying moisturizer?)

what it claims:
hydration intense. Healthy glow natural effect
actibe moisture tinted lotion for the face

Very very nice. I can feel my skin sucking the moisturize out from this as soon as I apply., Also it has a cooling effect on the face, so your face feel very cooling after applying this.

Applying method:
I was a bit surprised that it says just apply directly on face. Do you need primer? Do you need more moisturizer before applying? It seems chanel decided this is an alternative to their hydramax moisturizer so you can simply apply this on your face without prep. But this explains a lot to the lack of coverage.

To show you how bad I think it is compare to BB cream. I decided to do a FOTD to show you how lack of coverage it is.

First of all, I need at least 2 layers of this just to cover a bit of redness. I can’t get all redness covered by this tinted moisturizer. But if you think that this is the only layer you’re applying, than it makes all sense. If this is a moisturizer, you won’t hide your blemish, but simply to give your face a smoother texture. The first FOTD only apply this with 2 layers, no moisturizer, no concealer. I apply this with a sponge

Then the second FOTD, I put some L’egere Natural Mineral powder on top, brush with a Bodyshop Kabuki brush. Now, more coverage. But still you need concealer. Unlike using BB cream, This doesn’t give a foundation finish.

If you look at this zoom photo, you can see my acne scar are still there. If I use bb cream, it is all covered and no need of extra concealer.

It is not very long lasting, I think after 4 hours of applying, my face looks bare. Very bare even with powder.

I bought 15 when I tried at the counter and 20 is way too dark. But when I come home, I feel that even shade 15 is a little bit tad dark for me. I tried to ‘neutral’ it with my Laneige face powder all over, but then it becomes too light.

I feel that if you are lighter than NC20, don’t try. I think if the lightest shade is 10, and 15 is for NC30, then if you’re a NC15 or a light NC20 this shade don’t suit you.
To illustrate more, my SA who is a Caucasian, boosted that if she used sunbed with 2 session, she’ll use Shade. 20. she is a lot darker than me and I think she’s probably a NC40 or even darker.

Who should buy this?
4 types of people:
1. you’re lazy and you hate putting different things on face. You can just walk out with this on and it has all the function you need. Moisturizer, little coverage and sunscreen
2. If you’re a frequent travel and need something with everything, this is good. I think it will work very well in hot and humid climate because it is a very hydrating moisturizer.
3. If you are having a bad skin day (i.e PMS, acne-prone) then this will suit, because again all in one and non-irritating.
4. You are aware that you probably need to re-apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours, and can’t be bother to take off your makeup then reapply. You only need to slap this on and that’s it.

However, if you are looking for coverage or a replacement of your BB Cream, you can totally skip this. This does not give coverage but a good all-in-one for lazy people. I’ll put this in my travel bag for HK for those days I’m running around and need some sunscreen.

I probably do a travel bag special soon when I start my packup for HK.

Where's dao dao? he went outside to catch birds when I took all these photos. If back by popular demand, I'll do a dao dao beauty special. lol


  1. nice nice! hmm, it is winter in Aus. have a great winter day!

  2. wowww 29.... thanks for the review! ive already had thoughts on Chanel makeup in general :p

  3. thanks for the review =)
    i used to use bb creams until they started to clog my pores easily, so now i use the P&J or lunasol foundation. The OC03 should be the darkest shade in the ocher category and the YO03 should be the darkest for the beige category. I didn't notice if they had anything else darker.



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