Tuesday, May 5, 2009

High end makeup haul plus price guide (House of Fraser)

above are the samples I get from my haul, and below is the actual products I bought

Westfields westfields westfields. What shall I do with you? Because you managed to suck money out from me all the time?

It was a bank holiday yesterday (as UK celebrate May Day/International Workers Day a week later than other countries) so taking advantage of the traffic free and 2 hours free parking, me bf and his best friend went to westfields for different purpose.

I headed straight into House of Fraser, consciously looking for Laura Mercier. I had a look at their tinted moisturizer and silk foundation which I thought of buying but the price scare me. (32GBP/49USD For 30ml foundation or 50ml tinted moisturizer)

Headed towards the Clarins counter instead, there’s a lovely Chinese-speaking lady and helped me with picking up sunscreen. I was looking for something for face, body and eye. And surprisingly Clarins got a sunscreen for eye. I immediately picked it up together with the double fix mascara.

Still Thinking about the laura mercier foundation, I ghosted into (yes! I don’t remember why my feet took me there!) into the Chanel counter and immediately spoted the Chanel Hydramax tinted moisturiser. I tried on a few colours and the lovely SA helped to try it on my face for me. I love Hydramax as my mom used to buy it and I always dipped my hand into it (hehe… naughty fingers) and I know it’ll suit me.

Now to the most important price:

Clarins SPF Eye (20ml)– 15.17 GBP / 23 USD

Clarins fix mascara – 13.12GBP / 20USD

Chanel Hydramax tinted foundation no. 15 (40ml) – 29 GBP / 44usd

But!! This is where I save a bit

The clarins counter is giving 4 nearly full size sample out of 8 choices to take away, so I picked a

· Pure melt cleansing gel 75ml (worth 10gbp) full size as 125ml

· Hydraqueen cream 30ml (worth 17.6 gbp) full size as 50ml

· Multi-active day lotion spf 15 30ml (worth 21 gbp) full size as 50ml

· Multi-active nuit 30ml (worth 23bp) full size as 50ml

If you calculate the actual price, they are in total worth 71 GBP!!! That’s 107 USD

If you buy over 50 GBP in total at the beauty session in House of Fraser, they’re giving you 5 pound discount, so I tend to think my chanel tinted foundation is 5 gpb off. Which makes my purchase only 24GBP only.. which is nearly the price of a BB cream, but its chanel!

I did went into Boots and do a price comparison, if you go to Clarins counter, they’re giving you 10 pounds worth of boots point for 2 clarins purchase, which meant if I buy from them, I get 5GBP off each. However, if you look at the value of the clarins near-full size sample, I think I am getting every penny worth.

I shall review the items very soon. I plan to go out with the new purchase today J


  1. Great haul!! You are right...that Westfield IS a money sucker, lol!

  2. love gwp from english department stores! let us know how the chanel TM goes :) Im nearly finishing my Laura mercier one and its too expensive here, doubt ill be repurchasing, and i have some discount vouchers to use up from Mitsukoshi ;)

  3. Hehe nice haul!! The Chanel tm sounds interesting.

  4. when does that house of fraser gwp end?I can prob get there this thur or friday:-)

  5. his miss waterlily, I'm not very sure.. I think the clarins offer is running next week at selfridges..you probably want to pop in if you're in for the freebies
    maybe call House of Fraser westfields and ask them quickly.. they're really really quiet when I walked in at 10am

  6. Ahh I still need to check westfields out. =)

    Thats alotta savings' =) I'm envious, however, I'm trying to save money for my trip to HK. [Im going too, but like late july..]



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