Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hello Kitty x Mac Collection beauty powder

Testing DSLR - Dao dao is bored...

Hi guys!!

My camera finally arrived! woohoo.. loved it so much and DSLR is so much fun and the picture quality is just simply.. amazing!

I decided to wave goodbye to the HK beauty powder so want to write about why I’m waving goodbye.

Here’s a pic:

Taihitian Sand

Pretty Pink

The problem is.. when I tried to brush it on my face.. errr.. nothing happened. Neither did it show colour or helping to set my foundations. The only thing it did (both Taihitian sand and pretty pink) is to help me not to shin like a moon when I use my Hanskin glossy bb cream. Is this significiant? Errr… I dun think I want to use them really.. I am very happy with my Laneige powder because it helps to cover those redness that my bb cream is unable to and achieved a flawless look. With these beauty powder. I really don’t know what to do with them.

I heard you use them as a blush primer or highlighter.. again since it does no colouring to my skin at all I can’t use it as a highlighter. Blush primer? No way… all my blush are very pigmented so there’s no need for that.

So goodbye beauty powder. I hope you have a nice home.

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  1. Dao Dao is ADORABLE!! Great camera.

    I have the limited edition MAC Kitty Koture mystery powder in light medium, and it works great as a powder, particularly with my Paul and Joe foundation.

    Sorry to hear about your Beauty Powders!

  2. sorry to hear it doesnt work for u!!

  3. Hi Eve! I like the Diorsnow range a lot. I have only use the lotion and moisturizer and I like both. The moisturizer can be a little heavy on me.. but I like the lotion a lot. They fit normal/dry skin perhaps.

    I have never used MAC foundations, only their concealer and it was a mismatch :P lol. I'd say im about NC25? I'm a good match with laura mercier's camouflage concealer in 03 though.

    sorry to hear the powders arent working for you... at least you got new cam to play with :)

  4. do you guys know if the couture powder is the same as beauty powder??



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