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Lancome Haul and cleansing Gel review

fotd: just before I rush to Priscilla the Musical
Lunasol 10th Anniversary Make Up palette
Lioelle BB Cream
Laneige Powder
Benefit Boi-ing No.2

Hi ladies! Sorry to disappeared for a while. Several thing has happened (if you want to know, please click into which prevented me from blogging.

Plus my Canon tx-1 needs repair, but I found out the UK Canon doesn't offer to repair it (grr, it's a model from US/HK) so I decided to splash out and bought a DSLR. The picture quality is really bad coz of this problem. I feel that when you do beauty blogging, pictures are the most important thing about it. According to amazon, my item will deliver after Easter, but will be in time when my Japanese friend arrive in London for his visit.

I hauled yet again. It made me penniless to the point that even there's a sale on ASOS, I am hesitating to buy. Sigh.. anyway, the product I bought from Lancome is really worth it.

In February, I bought Mary Quant Cleansing gel, after I predict I will finish my Vichy Normderma Cleansing gel (the green bottle) and Shu Uemura cleansing oil within 2 weeks. However, they were still in used until now (which is April), and since I used the Mary Quant Gel, I decided it is better to be use as a makeup remove cleansing rather than a daily cleansing. So I went to Westfields boots to look for the Vichy Oligo cleansing bubble (pink bottle)

Cannot find any vichy products, I went to the Lancome counter. I have weird skin. I can't use Clinique at all, and so far, I am not allergic to any Lancome product and had a nice experience with their exfoliate gel. After the SA explained that the Lancome Eclat gel gives you sqeaky clean skin, I bought it, and they were doing a special deal so I bought the eye makeup remover as well. Now, this is why I love Boots and Lancome.

The deal is:

1300 Boots point (that's 13 pounds off)

6 examples

2 bags (1 big bag for a4 files, and the other as a evening bag or makeup bag)

So I paid 23 for 2 lancome product, roughly 23 GPB roughly 28 USD for my total haul. Bargain!

Now to the review:

This is how it looks like on my hand

It actually have some shiny component because it says it is a pearly foam. It bubbles up easily, and seriously, it gives me a squeaky clean on my face which I love. I grew up using Borghese cleansing gel, and it is really squeaky clean. But since Borghese stopped the UK counter business around 6 years ago, no more Borghese and I kept using other substitute. I didn't love Vichy Normderma as much as this Lancome éclat gel just because it is not squeaky clean. It is an item I will re purchase and I am steadily falling in love with Lancome. Thank god for that..

Now to any pet lovers..

I own a cat called dao dao, and I adopted him after his previous owner gave it away for free. He's a pedigree British Shorthair self-Blue cat and just turned 2 years old. He is a very intelligent cat and I'll upload photos gradually to show you.

He can fetch (yes! Fetch) If he's in a mood to play, he'll bring you his fav toy and put it in front of you. If he's hungry, he'll bring his toys to his food bowl

He can play 'guess which hand'. If you put treats in one of your hand, and close your hand, put it in front of him, he will tap on the hand which he thinks where the treat is.

He is an environmentalist. He meows at you to ask for switch on the tap to drink water, and meows back at you to ask you to switch off the tap.

He comes home through a little open window of 1 ft high

Oh.. and he's a womanizer. He refused to be hold by a male and if you're female, he purrs…

Ok, pic time. This is a pic of Dao Dao drinking from the tap

Isn't he cute?


  1. Boots is great! I am saving up my points...

    I love your Dao Dao!! My Tommy likes to wash his paws in his water bowl...he hates dirty paws.


  2. great bargains!

    ooooh he is so cute!



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