Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Afternoon Tea at Buxted Park

It's spring. ah.. so nice. lovely sunshine, flowers out and beautiful daylight shining still at 7pm.
Went to Buxted Park for Afternoon tea, how british, how civilized!!

Not doing a beauty post quite yet. I am suffering from the british typical sickness a.k.a. hayfever and flu and woman sickness of the month. meaning my face is full of spots and everything. Plus when I went to this place, I only had 5 mins and managed to slapped on bb cream and mascara. that's all!!

leaving you to enjoy the warm scones.. yummy!
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  1. Thanks for sharing..mmmm...

    Sorry about the hayfever...I have it really bad this time of year--you can see it in my post from a couple of days ago!

    Fortunately, I am not afflicted by the other two--you must be needing a major rest!

    Taks care!



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