Friday, April 24, 2009

I won a giveaway! by Lotuspalace

Knock knock! said the postman

A package for me? I opened my door while dao dao tried to escape from the horrible grooming regime

I opened the package, it is from Austria. hmm must be Kathi. But haven't asked for anything.. so I opened.

A littel note said,' Congrats! you won my giveaway as a 2nd chance winner!'

huh? I won something, that won't happened in a million years

so I re-checked her blog, and she had a little post to say I won her giveaway.


Unbelievable. Thanks for much Kathi
What did I won?

3 Etude House paper masks and a sleeping pack. yummy! Just as I am thinking if I should buy more beauty mask. I haven't really try Etude House products and this is my first...

This will heal the bite dao dao gave me. He bite my arms because I comb his hair. Stupid cat.

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