Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dilemma - DiorSnow, IPSA, Lancome or Shiseido White Lucent

I need some help... I probably will post some help me out questions between now and my HK/Tokyo Trip.

I love Vichy. I tried my very best to love it. It is reasonably priced and I like the texture. But I can't help thinking it didn't do any help when I broke out. I have been having lots of red patches and spots, I am trying hard to think it is all due to the late night sleep and dao dao harassing me in the morning.. but I think it could be just because of Vichy...

I did use the Shiseido White Lucent product line and I got some good results. The Brightening eye treatment helped me to get rid of my eye bag, so much so that I reduced the eyebag and the loose area became fine lines..

I like the Moisturising SPF 15 cream, although it is sticky on you feel it, my skin quickly absorb and I survived my winter with it and my skin is clear and I know together with my SK-II it helped to whitened by acne scar (proved by how much concealer I need to put in the scar area)

I read lots of rave about Dior Snow and I'm tempted. But I think the UV base is the best products but not sure if anyone tried the skincare...

I'm also thinking of Lancome the whitening product line. Lancome and I seems to be having a good time, after my experiencing with the primer La Base, the exfoliating gel and cleansing gel, I think Lancome might be for me. I again heard good things about the whitening effect.

Or should I go back to IPSA metabolizer? I like it a lot.. I used it during my times in HK, and it works for me. It works in UK however I have younger skin then and can take anything that you put on it.

Or back to Shiseido White Lucent? bearing in mind I probably will need to buy the lighter version for the humid climate in HK..

hmm.. All I want is something good value does not make me break out, hope to lighten my acne scar. Am I asking too much?


  1. hi there how's it going? hey since u're still in the UK, u should look into taer icelandic (order online) or rodial cos those are excellent, even though they dun have whitening moisturiser. i just sold the shiseido white lucent moisturizer. for me it worked fine, though i only used it as a sunscreen. i doubt it can withstand the humidity in hong kong, though most of the time u'd be indoor...

  2. I would say,perhaps ipsa metabolizer with the white lucent day cream if you feel a little dry. I absolutely love the ipsa line but i think it is quite basic in what it does:-)

    Lancome blanc expert gets a thumb down from me,diorsnow im not so sure about as most of the designer skincare line does very little for me.

    Hope it helps.

  3. I think you should try Seikishou! that's 清肌晶 by Kose. Ive been using the facial cleansing soap bar, i swear this stuff has lighten my face!! i don't really scar but my face takes time to heal after larger pimples, i think that soap has made these pigmentation disappear. I get a lot less pimple too and my pores are a lot smaller than before, especially on my forehead, I used to get get many black heads! Now i'm using their soap AND their Whitening mask, I have much less blackheads all around.

    I heard mnay raves on p&j whitening serum on lightening acne scars. I have a bottle unopened lol but I cant wait to try it. You should check it out on, much cheaper than japan!!

  4. My HGs are the P&J Whitening serum and the Shiseido White Lucent eye treatment. The eye treatment really deals with undereye circles, while I use the Dr. Brandt R3P eye cream underneath. They both really work!

    You can get P&J at Fenwick in London (you can call the Bond Street store and you will get it the next day) and the Rodial, Dr. Brandt and other goodies at SpaceNK.

  5. ooh shiseido! im not a big fan of white lucent, my skin's pretty pale whitening is unnecessary haha.

    I heard bio-oil is good for acne scars?



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