Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Halo girls... back from the surgery

do you miss me?

Hiya, I'm back!!! I have had some good rest throughout the week, including my mom and bro calling me to make sure i stay off internet. If you are on twitter you know that I've been twitting even 5 mins after the op. but hey, I can see and now has 20/20 vision.

I want to blog about my experience before i forgot. If you ever think about geting laser surgery you can consider after my own experience

I arrived at the clinic with the football match, France vs South Africa on. I was the first one that afternoon so the nurses all came out watching the match. We had a bit of chat so everything went smoothly.

 I won't bore you the details how they zap me 8 times but everything went ok, and it was painless. The aftermath is I ended up with swollen eyes and need to wear eyeshield for 2 weeks. Please stop laughing after you look at this pic.

My first night after surgery. Very swollen eyes (is lack of sleep) and with eye shield to prevent me from rubbing my eyes at night (yes, is Hello Kitty Pyjamas)

That's me next day up and ready to for my check-up. Top from Bread and butter and my green leggings from Taobao hehe

The worst thing that no one talks about are the eyedrops. This is what I got after a week, my left eye is a bit inflamed so I got given more eye drops

And that's me after 1 week. Still wearing my sunglasses, and I had too much time so everything I wore there comes from the internet which I ordered within 1 week.

Top : Fred perry top (1/2 price) with a black skirt from Urban Outfitters
Bag: Vivienne Westwood Green Tartan Orb (courtesy of ebay) with receipt bought from genuine VW shop
Iphone case: Paperchase, is a colourful butterfly case which I love. (but looking at the Sena Wallet case hmmm)

I promise my next blog will be beauty related...


  1. Hi, Happy that you are back. Hope you get well soon. My best wishes to you to lead a normal life back.
    Keep posting and do stay in touch.

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