Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Taobao haul - real size Hello Kitty handbag

I just did a massive Taobao haul last week. Taobao? what's taobao. It is the China version of ebay, but rather than bidding, it is like online shops (so more towards the Gmarket concept). I need some red pockets for my wedding and some practice exercise for my JLPT exams in Dec. when it is only £2 per book compare to £16, you know where i want to buy them

I might one day write a guide on how to taobao... rather complicated especially you are from overseas. Taobao is strictly a Chinese only website and although it is only open to the China region customers, there's a way getting round that problem and buy super cheap goods.

picture heavy, here it goes

 Who doesn't fall for this gorgeous Hello Kitty Handbag? It is made of shiny plastic wire and crystals...
It is one of its kind... they have purple, pink, and yellow in colour and different sizes as well. Mine is between a medium and large (60cm)

A jill stuart inspired dress in Chiffon. I really can't say no for this.. cost of £15.

A pair of camelia sandals and some redpockets for our wedding (I think is around £7 for both?)
A Black Camelia Print handbag (roughly £30)
 see I love Camelia...

I also hauled from Hong Kong with the help with a friend... and I'll talk about my little business that I run behind this blog as well (it is all about hauling)


  1. Great haul, that bag really is something!!!

  2. waaah huge kitty!!! is it heavy ? :P

  3. haha that bag is actually amazing! Love the top :)

  4. OMG! That purse is so cute!

  5. hi nic nic.. the kitty is heavy!!! like 1.6 kg... my bf hates it though... oh poo. dun they say in HK, boys carry handbags for girls because it is part of their genes.

    I'm still loving the handbag.. just no one in my household love it



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