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Cafetalk Makeup Lesson with Take First taster (Eng)

Hi everyone.
Is been a while since I update here as I mainly use my instagram and Facebook about it:

But! Am going to write about my review (and surprise) on the cafetalk lesson I received

What's cafetalk and why?
I have been looking for a Japanese conversational lesson for a while, but because I work from home and my time is really unstable, I am unable to commit to a weekly lesson, or attend lesson outside home. After searching for online lesson, I found cafe talk, which is a Japanese company offering online lesson from languages to singing, conducting lesson via Skype.
The thing I really like is the flexibility and the cost. You can see the teacher's schedule and book them around 72 hours in advanced, all payment is via credit card, and off you go.
they use a point system but it is easier to understand if you look at it as yen

Cheap? oh yes?
I won't say they are all cheap, but for example, My Japanese lesson used to be £20 per hour, roughly 3800 yen. For the same lesson on cafe talk with native speaker it only cost 1600 yen, which is a lot more economical for your money.

When I saw the opportunity for lesson monitor/blogger, I volunteers myself and received some vouchers to test out the lesson

Makeup online? totally weird
Yes, i thought it is about actual putting makeup, but it seems cafe talk define makeup as fashion and so there is a few different types of lesson to choose from. My concern was how to you apply makeup and the tutor will tell you what to do? What will happen to the lightings? colour? to me, unless you do it in person, it is difficult to have makeup lesson on line.

The lesson:

When you search for lesson online, you can see a full profile. I'm being lazy here to show you a snapshot.

Which lesson did I choose?

Basic Makeup, is a 40 mins class which is the longest of all the lesson offered.  --> Basic Makeup

What happened after you book the lesson?
Well, you can choose 3 times slot and the teacher will confirm back to you. At the mean time you are also communicate with the tutor about your concerns. For us, Take is very shy speaking in English and I speak a bit of Japanese, so we both offer to try to listen and understand each other bilingually. (Take is actually good in English, he just needs more confident!)

In the lesson:
I showed Take my makeup stash, and he was impressed. He likes my choice of makeup, and during the lesson, it is clear that I have too much makeup I don't need. For example, eye shadow.. yes, no more eye shadow haul!

He analysis my face and I gave him my questions, and he started showing me his techniques. I had Bobbi Brown make up lesson before, but the Japanese makeup is more natural look. Also, I think we had a basic makeup lesson, where you can slap on your face in 15 mins and go!

First thing he gave advice on is how to make you look more energetic. I worked too hard recently and only had around 5-6 hours of sleep per day. I have heavy eye bag, and that need addressing. He showed me some techniques which I never thought off (I'm not talking here as it is his industry secret, hey! that's why you need lesson)

Then we talked about eye brow.. where he made comparison of the general brow technique vs Japanese. And finally, the lips and blushes.

After lesson:

I am decently surprised by what I learnt, things are a lot simpler than what i have been doing, to show you a comparison:

Before lesson:

Eye brow: from the middle with powder eye brow (2 types of eye brow colour)

eye: brown eye shadow (3 types), Heroine Make Mascara with Barry M eye liner

foundation: wet foundation with set powder, plus concealer

Cheek: Dior Bronzing Cheek

Lips: RMK Lipsticks plus gloss

After Lesson makeup:

Eye: eye brow (1 colour)
Eye: no eye shadow, mascara and liner 
Face: foundation with highlighter (no concealer)
Lips: Shiseido maquillage Lip essence plus gloss

You understand why it makes things so much simpler? And the result is nearly the same.  Very happy with the things i learned and the comment from Take after lesson is positively as well. (Practice Practice Practice!!)

A little story.. before lesson:
To be honest,  this lesson got cancelled twice. first time because my internet company is switched over, and there was no internet. Cafe talk staff (click the chat button) managed to cancel for me immediately.
The second time, Take was unreachable and via the cafe talk staff we cancelled the lesson. I later saw him online, and told him i will be extremely busy next week, and ask if we can start the lesson now. I again contacted cafe talk and they put in the request and confirm with Take again.
The customer services in cafe talk is really good, and I totally recommended them.

My thoughts:
A lot of what we did, is talking, because we both talking in a foreign language, we used our own tools to illustrate what we want to express.. which is fun. My advice is to make sure you find the right teacher before even requesting a trial, to know this is what you want.

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