Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cafetalk Beauty Lesson with Aude (Eng) -taster series number 2


Sorry been a bit delayed with my next post. Unfortunately, my cat Mui Mui has been very ill with pancreatic cancer, and we might be losing her (We are prepared for her departure shall we say). plus I have a trip to HK very soon so been busy making business meetings appointments etc.

To help me relax in this situation, taking lesson, even for 20 mins is good. (I can stop thinking of syringe feeding, poo poo etc), so I sign up with Aude. I choose Aude for my second lesson, well.. we are in the same time-zone to start with, and her lesson introduction looks good.

Lesson link-->

Tutor Link->


Before I start, I prepared some tool and ingredients just in case we are going to make it together

 a mixing pan base oil  essential oil

I bought these in a sale with Holland and Barretts (yes buy 1 get 1 free) so I was thinking of doing something with it.

The lesson:
It is a quick lesson to me as I'm used to having lesson over 30 mins. But you learn enough to make your first batch. Aude has put a guide together and also make an example in front of your eyes. We talked about what I know about scrubs and her ideas are amazing.

If you are looking for a conversational class with Aude, I recommend it, because you need to try and practice your English with her in a topic, I must say, she has some perfect English accent (not even I can do it myself)

My thoughts:
I really enjoyed it, Aude is friendly and nice not to mention she is passionate in the subject. Will recommend it to anyone who loves beauty

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