Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bride-zilla diary: choosing the procession music

in the studio recording strings (2007)

So at the moment, my head is near to explosion. Firstly, phd is banging on my everyday. I talked to Yoshiko Yamaguchi on a daily basis (I know she's still alive but still part of my research) But now my concern turn to getting the music sorted on the day

For those who don't know, I used to work in the music industry in HK, and produced a few tracks. My processions music will consist some of the production I did and I may just paste it here to see what you think.

the song translated to Love Simiplicity. It is originally written about a couple will be together no matter what, but kind of didn't make the ultimate committment (signing your life over the dotted line) but i'll change the lyrics to reflect that.

this is another song I produced, which is called 'Silly guy' actually because the lyrics is written in such a way, not many people know the true meaning. It is about falling in love with a geek/otaku!!! One of the line says 'He's just a silly guy, not many people understand him. It is hard to leave him, but I dun think I can't wait before I made the decision to stay or not'

this song was produced when I was in between hong kong and london, yet.. i love the strings part...

I do something rather funky as well... here's something I produced... in Canton-pop classical style lol


  1. wow pretty cool job! I used to be a fade of kwan sum yin.... but havent heard her stuff in a long time! Thanks for sharing, sounds v interesting - your work!

  2. Wow, this must be a lot of hard work! I really like Kelly Chen music and it's extremely cool that you help produce a lot of songs!

  3. thanks Bunnyface!! glad you enjoy it. I personally like kelly chen's more :)



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