Monday, May 24, 2010

Review 2: Cancer Council Sunscreen + Washing off suncreen

To continue from my previous post, here's the day wear face sunscreen and some swatch

Review of Cancer Council Day Wear Face Sunscreen

What's good?
Perfect for face. It is not oily at all! There's no blotting paper needed when I was in sydney, and in fact, I was bare face most of the time coz I have clear skin and re-applying sunscreen is more important than to have makeup in this case.
no white cast, to me this sunscreen feels more like a moisturizer than a sunscreen for face
Refreshing - coz it has added aloe vera to its ingredients, when you apply, it feels cooling and refreshing when you apply to your face.

What's not so good?
little more expensive it is 15 AUD which is around £8.
it has 75ml compare to the 110ml of your body sunscreen (still a lot more than Anessa)

The swatch

On the left: Day wear sunscreen
On the right: 2 hrs body sunscreen

You can see the body sunscreen is a lot thicker than the day wear sunscreen

On the left: Day wear sunscren
on the right: 2 hours body sunscreen
After applying, you can see the body sunscreen is not absorb immediately compare to the day wear sunscreen (the shiny part f it) but be assured, it is definitely absorb totally without greasiness once you rub it more

Both does not show white cast after rubbing it.

So back to my last post, I had some horrible experience with white cast. That's due to over-applying my sunscreen (Anessa) every 1 hours on the beach.

I came home and head straight to the shower, and trying to show it off. To my horror, my normal shower gel nor my L'occitane sugar rub can wash it off. I really thought that I can 'rub' it off with my sugar rub..

So on a desperate measure, I need to use my Fancl Cleasing oil and it works wonders. I used up 1/3 of the bottle just to wash off my sunscreen.

But it seems the less SPF you got in the sunscreen, the less white cast you have (hmmm...) definitely with the Cancer Council sunscreen, even I re-apply according to the instructions, I have no white cast in the end of the day when I got home.

Has anyone got any good wash-off sunscreen tips? I am sobbing over my fancl cleansing oil now and at this rate, I'll be hauling more very soon.

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