Friday, May 14, 2010

hair claw from sasa. the best hair accessories....

over-statement? Think if I spent 3 days in front of mirror trying to do a ballet bun.. when hair claw quietly crept into my life and transfer my hair style.

I think Yumeko has talked about it before, but I couldn't find that article about it.

These are the hairclaw that you can get from They are not called Hair claw but Hair clip and made by Lucky.. i first bought them from Taiwan and found them in Sasa (which i bought every single one of them available) so i'll quickly do a hair- demo photo (which is my first)

Ballet bun claw:

is by the first claw on this blog. It really makes ballet bun a breeze. less than 10 sec and no hair clip and you get a prefect bun. I get a better bun with my current hair

you can have a tail from this or hold it all up. I usually wear it sideways and it is really easy to use again. This is particularly good for girls with heavy hair.

the smaller claw helps to tuck in some of the hair that cannot be hold with other clip, I find it good to use for smaller ballet bun

the only problem I got is this:

until now I have no way using this... ifollowed the video but still get hold my hair in place.. anyone can help?

on a last note. i have handed in my notice to marriage (after a long struggle I'll put it under my bride-zilla diary)

And this is the makeup I had during the day

FOTD: Canmake 3d foundation, 03, Shu Uemura 7YR loose powder, Lunasol 10th anniversary pallette (used the orange variation eye shadow and the liquid eye liner), JS 11 blush powder, and Heroine Make lipgloss, MM mascara
Dress: Bread and Butter (love love love this brand, I find it is a good brand for someone who's size 10 and a bit large in HK)


  1. ooh pretty hair. =)

    My housemates wanted me to take them round HK after we graduate but they're like size 14, i know giordano and bossini might do tops but dunno anything else...

    its not decided yet but yeah. =)

  2. asking because you are the best HK native i know. =)

  3. bread and butter will suit them. I'm size 10, and I wear size 0, they have up to size 3. The best place to buy is actually LCK(?) in causeway bay, where the old Diamaru is. They are all outlet and all 50% off. If not, they'll need to shop in Stanley as they catered for larger sizes

  4. ooh pretty..i have seen them on sasa in sg..but they are kind of mark up and is finding some cheaper alternatives! XD

  5. The hair claw looks complicated! But your bun looks super pretty!

  6. i can never work out how to use those pins for the hair! the makeup artist/hair stylist that did my hair for the wedding pics did AN amazing job and I just can't remember how she pinned it up..

    you did a great job tho!!! cant for you to come to japan :D



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