Sunday, May 23, 2010

Souvenir from Australia: Cancer Council Sunscreen

Hiya!! To girls who are in UK, we finally have some summer weather. I went to the beach yesterday (actually to be exact, I went for the seafood on a seaside town...) and remembered i haven't done review to the sunscreen yet.

If you remembered back in the beginning of this blog, I posted my favourite sunscreen, Anessa. It is non-oily and gives a bit of a sparkle. However, I just finished my bottle of 50ml and I carried to much to Sydney so need to buy something local. I read from Jojoba, who's now based in Australia about the Cancer council so I bought it when I was there

Cancer Council Sunscreen SPF 30 review

What's good?
Cheap. it is only 6GBP for such a big tube for 110ml (compare to £22 for just 50ml of Anessa)
I like the fact that it is clearly labelled how long this will last. I read so much about girls who pile their sunscreen every 1/2 hour, with this label, you know you should re-apply every 2 hours .
This is not greasy compare to other sunscreen, also not thick at all. (i'll talk about this thickness diaster in the next post)

What's not so good?
Australia has funny laws. You can't label your sunscreen to be over SPF 30, and hence, many company who has SPF 30 or more just say spf 30+. I know my Anessa will give me SPF 50, but this as far as you can tell, is just SPF 30

I wanted to write shorter review so the rest of the review will come in this week :)

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  1. Same with China! You can't advertise your sunscreen to be more than SPF 30, so they always put in the advertisements 30+, but most of the sunscreen here is SPF 50 bc ppl are more paranoid about being tanned...



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