Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The woes being a bridezilla. 6 months before wedding

My wedding venue in Wales

So you might have thought i'm quiet. I have soooo much to do since I came back from Australia which is totally unbelievable. Mainly I absolutely must do my phd (yes working everyday) work work work (work is on the increase at the moment) and wedding.

Last year at this time, many things I thought I needed has been organised. Dress is a tick, rings, tick, venue, tick. And due to the unfortunate incident where the Home Office held our passport up for nearly 3 months, things are not as on track as they should. With me being the sole bearer to the organisation to the event.

We have decided not to have a professional photoshoot in Japan because we definitely have a wedding session in hong Kong. Instead we plan to take our own photos with a tripod and go around the country whenever possible.

so within this month, here's a list what need to be done:
1) hand in notice to marriage. it took us a month just to get an appointment
2) meet hotel to re-arrange the timing of the day. S has a 2nd thought and it is all subject to what the hotel says
3) meet the registrar. decide how long/short the vows can be.
4)booked all makeup artist and hair stylist. Which I am being lazy and just went with the hotel recommmendation
5) re-design the invitation cards. We forgot sth really important. I'll say next time


  1. waaaah craziness! you're doing well, don't worry! i'd be pulling my hair out by now :) you're one cool cat :P Good luck with the rest of haul of journey..

    sorry to hear about the passport situation - what happened? I'm sorry I havent been responding.. i too have been preoccupied with stuff and just been busy o_O do update me.. as for me.. not even started a scratch of planning.

    We had to wait a few weeks for our marriage of notice too. I'm trying to sort out my visa for now since problem with work has put me in a bit of limbo.

    I'm sure everything will go well!!

  2. nic nic:
    passport grrr. according to HO if I'm marrying a non-british he needs to get a certificate of approval of marriage even before we hand in the notice of marriage. We duly did that and guess what. They hold on to our passport for more than 3 months and we need to go to Croydon to pick it up ourselves. That was 5 days before we left hk...
    anyway we managed to resolve coz S was trying to save money and did not apply for his british passport. so we got an ok from ealing to say we can get married now.

    actually i might need to talk to you. i'm thinking of getting the working-holiday visa for japan before my 30th birthday. that will allow me to work and live in japan for a while. I got a job lined up in tokyo so i'm good. probably you'll see me more often next yr?

  3. Wow the venue looks AMAZING!!!

  4. it seems to be so time-consuming to organize a wedding :/ But the venue is gorgeous :p

  5. 幸福是人人都要,又怎麼可能都歸你所有?要知道這世界幸福本來就不多........................................

  6. absolutely beautiful venue! I've nominated you for an award on my blog.



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