Friday, July 17, 2009

Dr Ci: Labo skincare series review

hi guys.. I think I've starved you long enough for a beauty review. Reason for not updating asap? I'm actually in Liverpool attending a conference, so I have been busy preparing my presentation regarding my research area.

I heard about Dr Ci:Labo through my research in Nanoce, it seems both brand are classified into the dermatologist type of skincare. Of course we all know the star product of Dr Ci:Labo, which is the 5 in 1 aqua collagen gel, so it holds the function of toner, moistuirzer, essence, makeup base and whitening/anti-aging. Sounds good huh? Except Dr Ci:Labo is on the expensive side. I decided to buy their travel pack and try to see if it justify the cost.

The travel pack contains (All Super-Keana Series):
cleansing oil
cleansing gel
whitening essence
hada cream

Price: 1050 yen

Here's my mini review

Dr Ci: Labo background:
a skincare line that is created by a dermatologist. Strong skincare line in acne and basic care. One of the rare Japanese brand that is also available in US (via Amazon)
It is expanding and we see it has counter in Hong kong as well.

The products
I bougth the Super Keana range plus whitening essence 1050 yen
Super Keana is the series which helps to tighten the pore size

Super-Keana cleansing:

gd cleansing oil at least comparable to shu uemura. It is very clean and removes all trace of makeup. only available in Taiwan and Japan

Price: 20 USD for 110ml

Super Keana Washing

a washing foam, easy to foam up. I find it is less dry compare to my Lancome Pearl cleanser.

Price: roughly 20 USD for 200ml

Super Keana Moisture White

very fluid if you consider it as an essence. Again I don't see any significant function to this.
Price: 40 USD for 50 ml

Super Keana Hada Cream

please do not mistake with the 5 in 1 aqua collagen gel. It is not. Although it is not creamy but closer to gel texture. The good thing I like is that the skin absorb it very quickly, so by the time I walked out from the toilet, my skin has totally absorb it (unlike lancome hydro zen, or Shiseido white lucent cream)
Price: 50 USD for 60g

Final verdict:
Everyone can easily skip the Dr: Ci Labo range, and all products. I think they're rather basic and also on the expensive side. Everything is ok, but nothing surprisingly good, in particular the price is not something that is affordable.

Dr Ci Labo position itself as a dermatologist type of product but I rather buy La Roche Posay instead. Both very basic but La Roche Pasay is at least 1/3 of the price of Dr Ci Labo. And made in france as well

I was curiously about the 5 in 1 product but I managed to find a drugstore replacement and 1/3 of the price as well. So hopefully i'll be reviewing this next:

Mizu no Tenshi (Water Angel) 5 in 1 moisturing gel 1
Price: 17 USD for 50ml or 40 USD for 150ml

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