Friday, July 31, 2009

Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Remover

Continuing with the Heroine Make series, I decide to review this mascara remover. I must say, I'm on a love and hate relationship with this as I'm not sure if this is something I recommend to buy. So here's my little review (making this post short and sweet)

Kiss Me Heroine Make mascara


To remove mascara (dough!) but more precise to remove Heroine Make's mascara as I was told you can't remove it without using this. This is the only thing that can remove it.

How to:

that's where it gets tricky. You see I never use anything that apply on the lashes only. So you take out the wand, and wipe it on your lashes, wait until the mascara melt and apply cotton wool to remove.

My mini complain:

this is where I don't really like it. You see I religiously follow the instructions as instructed by my friend in removing the mascara. I took this remover only with me on my trip to Liverpool and Wales, and I use the MM Mascara base, Lash Expander Plus mascara and Clarins Double fix. Ok I am excessive but eye make up is sooo important to me.

It takes me at least 10 mins, yes 10 mins (is a very long time for me) to take it off. First, before I do anything, I apply the Heroine Make remover on my lashes, I then go and read a comic book then apply cotton pads, not to wipe, but just place on eye to remove. Later, another coat of remover apply repeat the process, so by the time I completely remove my mascara, I probably finish watching BBC News (not the 24 hour channel but the normal 10 o'clock news) and proceed to removing the rest of makeup with cleansing oil during my local news.

Some say (very Jeremy clarkson saying) you should remove the mascara together with the makeup cleanser and it will make it easier to remove the mascara with Heroine make remover. But if it doesn't remove my mascara in 1 go, why I should use it? When you take off your make up you want to do it asap, but taking your time.

Is it clean?

Of course, with my effort. It is very clean.

Any pros?

If you resist from wiping your eye with cotton pad, I must say it should do less damage than normal eye makeup remover because you are applying it on your lashes not the whole eye.

Also it is easy to carry, especially travelling. You don't need to bring a bulky bottle of eye makeup remover anymore, you only need this wand and some cotton pad then you're ok.

Have you tried it on other mascara?

Nope. After trying many mascara, I'm most happy with my macara combination. Therefore I cannot say if it works well. But hey, if it can remove my makeup base, mascara and clarins double fix altogether, is pretty good right?

Will I buy it again?

Only as a travel use product, but I rather buy Boots No.7 Eye makeup remover. Cheap and Cheerful (hence the bulky bottle)


  1. Haha I loove your banner! It's adorable and funny! xD

  2. THanks a bunch for this Mascara Remover review, I was contemplating getting this from bobodave but now I won't. I use Shu Cleansing Oil to remove my waterproof mascara and it's working well now. I should stick to it I guess!

  3. they won an award!

  4. I reckon it works fine. I use the one mascara but use a few coats, but I only have to wait about 3 minutes and it all comes off. and this is using the Heroine Mascara which didn't come off at all when I went for a swim in the sea.



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