Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BB Cream Series 1: Missha M Perfect Cover

BB Review Series 1: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

hmm sorry I didn't have a pic to be taken. I lost my tube in hong kong but hey, been using it for a long time so I can definitely do a review on it.

What makes missha special?

It has the highest SPF overall (SPF 42, PA+++) and it is perhaps one of the most commented BB Cream. If you are new to BB cream, and you have not try Missha, it is hmm most will say must try, I called this as one of the most advanced BB cream as it has the highest coverage as well.

It is very easy to get hold of, just scroll ebay and you'll find tonnes. It is not very expensive and affordable as well.

How much?

6 GPB or around 9USD including shipping from S.Korea

Why did you lost it since you put down all the great things here?

The high coverage bothers me, also the texture.

For me, I want to look natural, and BB Cream should be all-in-one foundation/moisturiser so it is good for lazy people like me. However, because of the coverage, I do look like I have made an effort to put on make up. But I don't want that, I want people to just comment how great my skin looks not 'oh, you put on make up today?' in fact I only put on missha and mascara.

The texture is a bit thick to spread around. Sales in Missha has been recommending to use a sponge, (to avoid the harsh action by spreading by hands) although I feel it is a ploy. If you use a sponge with BB Cream you need to use double the amount. And since it is only a 35ml tube, you'll find yourself popping back to Missha every month to get yourself a tube.

When I use this in UK, there's no oil/greasiness etc, but using this in Hong Kong which is extremely hot and wet, simply I can't even put it on my face at all. My face just hates it

Would you recommend anyone to try it?

If you can manage to get a tube by swapping (which I did) yes, go and get it and try it out yourself. Some girls might need a high coverage and some girls don't. It depends. I think it is more whether the coverage wins you round.

For someone who is looking for a high SPF foundation, I rather recommend getting Anessa sunscreen (which you can put on your face without oil, it was so perfect in Hong kong) and a good foundation, this way you have higher SPF and better coverage and stay for your makeup to last a long day.

On an other note, I have been feeling unfeel and to cheer myself up, I have been making cupcakes.. so this is my very first attempt and i'll be joining a cupcake decoration class. It looks soo good and I hope I'll be able to make the cupcakes for my own wedding (ambitious but not all impossible)

so here's some of the first attempt photos :) all ingredients bought from Waitrose

FOTD: Nil (no make whatsoever)


  1. Love this review,thanks..also the cupcakes look so good^^

  2. Thanks for the review, I was actually going to try the Missha bb cream, but it sounds like it just won't work with HK's humid weather.

  3. I agree with you, Missha's BB Cream coverage is like a foundation.. Some might like it, some not..
    For me, I prefer BB Cream that has sheerer coverage..(like The Face Shop or Skin79.. ^^)

  4. You're right! I also don't want people to see if I do "makeup". I want them comment on my good skin. Looking natural .. (#^^# )

  5. Hi

    I am really interested in purchasing this Missha BB cream, but i live in London, UK... where do i get it? Also, how will iknow what shade i am?


  6. hi elizabeth,
    The best place to buy is ebay. I don't think there's a place in London yet that sells them.
    I would recommend if you are nc20 then shade 21, if you are dark like me (nc 25/30/35) then it'll be shade 23

  7. hi actullay from where can i buy bb cream...



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