Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beauty Bloggers/Readers meet-up Date and Venue UPDATE

i present you, a cat in need of attention

Beauty Bloggers/Readers meet-up Date and Venue UPDATE



We will be meeting with Kay from Bihada Dairies, Jamilla and myself on 13th Sept

noon in Westfields, anyone want to join please email me and I'll tell you exactly where to meet.


Hi girls...

I'm very closed to death. no.. not that my asthma attack gives me death threats, but simply deadlines deadlines deadlines. Those of you who have been reading, I'm a phd student, I just been told my supervisor is coming back from Australia so i'll have a meetup with him in 1 month time, meaning 10000 words in 1 month. So this is blog will be slightly neglected, I'm really sorry. I will try to blog at least once a week.

My timetable of Death (PhD deadline, papers deadline and JLPT exams)

I have many feedbacks from bloggers, and I even heard there's two blogger from japan coming to town. Yet, they won't be here at the same time. I'm arranging to meet one of them.

Since jamilla left a message to say early September and Westfields are both good (which I totally agree, I love Westfields) so I want a vote:

Do you prefer:

Meeting on the 5 th Sept (Saturday) at 4pm


12 th September (Saturday) at 4pm

The reason why I pick saturday is that most of us should be off work and able to travel and make it. If you come from far away, this should leave you plenty of time to go home as well.

Westfields is good choice as there's free parking for 2 hours, good public transport and tons to have a look (I can spend hours in Boots alone)

There are resturants where they welcome people just getting a drink and sitting down and chat etc... so it is generally good place to be.

I want to make this extra special, and have a little suggestion, if you're into swapping, you're welcome to bring your swap and see if you can swap with others during this meetup. I thought it will help us try some new products without the hassle of posting each other...

Please leave a comment again for your chosen date, i'll set the date in4 days time (meaning everyone hopefully shall leave a comment by 24 th) and I'll officially annouce the meetup.

Spread the words!!! All beauty readers and bloggers welcome!


  1. I give 5th a vote:-)

    I am up for swapping as well, I think it may be better for have some further suggestions,like make-up,skincare or things like that?

    kelly x

  2. Hi, I prefer the 12th! How about doing a Secret Santa swap?



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