Sunday, August 16, 2009

DHC Eye Lash Tonic REVIEW (just for you Ki)

This is one of the items I read in blogs and decided to buy in Japan (but bought in an impulse buying) DHC is one of the very few Japanese brands you can get in UK, and it is all online sales. The best thing is, if you signed up with them, they'll send you a catalogue every 3 months with some samples. Hey who don't like free samples?

My reason for buying this tonic was that I love wearing heavy mascara. I put a base then the mascara and put several layers of it. I HEART long lashes , thick lashes and if there's one make up I must put on, I can even skip foundation and put mascara.

Since I decided to wear a base mascara, it became difficult to take it off at the end of day (I use all MM Mascara), and I felt that the removing process is harming my lashes, so reading some of the reviews, I decided to purchase it myself.


7GBP or roughly 10 USD


No texture, it is just some liquidy gel you put on your lashes

My Praise:

Many people think that the lash tonic is to help you grow lashes, is not! But it helps your lashes to be stronger, so in my case, coz I need something to strengthen my lashes and make it not fall out when I remove my mascara, this is perfect.

My Moan:

Pleaes see the pic below

Do you see a line I put in the pic? And can you see the difference between the upper part of the liner and lower? Yes, I moan. Coz it looks soo unhygienic. The Upper part shows it is contaminated by unknown substance, and I swear the only bit I wipe the wand is my lashes only.

The other part of moan is the brush on the wand. Do you know the texture of a toilet cleaner ?

The brush is soo hard, that if you accidentally swipe the wand closer to your eyes, it hurts. But it is difficult not to swipe close to eye as you try to get the tonic for all your lashes (rather than the end bit like putting on the mascara) so everyday, when I put on some tonic to my lashes, it is a very careful procedure.

  1. Face clean

  2. Lashes clean

  3. Dao dao out

  4. window closed

  5. no movement in my surrounding area or things I can knock off

Would I buy it?

Porbably not unless they change the texture of the brush. Otherwise it is a good product.

What if I want something to strengthen my lashes?

Try supplements instead. I think it do you good (and your whole body as well) than using the lash tonic..


  1. Great review, I like DHC products but I guess I'll be passing this one up. Thanks!

  2. The DHC lash tonic didn't work for me :(
    I didn't see stronger lashes and I totally agree on the brush being too harsh.



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