Friday, August 28, 2009

Alas, Dr ci:Labo BB Cream review

Hi girls, do you miss me? When I told you I have a timetable of death I seriously meant it. I also just started another job (which is detailed in my personal blog) so trying balance everything at the moment. Dao dao has been very naughty because he lost his 24 hours carer (yes, I used to stay home 24/7 and Dao has his slave 24/7), and now he is by himself 2 days a week which makes him a very very cute cat. He's trying to get your attention whenever you're around and even sleeps on my lap..

Oops, too much Dao dao cuteness, so here's the review:

Dr Ci:Labo BB Cream

Dr Ci:labo there're 4 different tubes from them





Dr Ci:Labo also sells in Hong Kong and USA.

According to Dr CiLLabo site, this is one of the BB cream that helps to keep moisture in the skin as well as the other functions, make up base, concealer, foundation, moisturiser, SPF, essence etc. It keeps in line with their all-in-one strategy in their Aqua Collagen Gel.

What's special about Dr Ci:Labo BB cream?

This is one of the rare makeup product without paraben, and hence the very expensive price tag. It is 4 times the price of a normal BB cream (i.e. Nanoce) and there's not many Japanese made BB cream around.

There's no fragrance, artificial colouring, no paraben, no mineral oil and Free from UV absorber. So it is as natural as you can get and should be free from any allergic reactions. If you have really sensitive skin, you can try Dr Ci:Labo with ease.

There's also this EGF element included in the cream, and Dr Ci:Labo claimed it is good for your skin.

Which tube should I choose?

See this chart for reference

How much?

4000 yen my darling. That's 40 USD

My thoughts:

TO be honest, I love seeing a BB cream catered for darker skin tone. Halo? Not everyone got the perfect skintone (aka NC 20) therefore, I am always having trouble trying products as all Japanese foundations only catered up to NC 25 only.

However, very disappointed with the colour match, even it says dark, it has a grey cast therefore it looks like it is not dark enough for NC 25.

See my FOTD:

Can you see the colour difference between my face and my neck? Yes at least 2-3 shades difference, it gets better during the day but I seriously can't wear it for non-casual occasion. It just don't match.

It does not conceal nicely in my opinion, you need some good concealer for some of the areas. It is not as perfect as their advert claim.

the texture is so-so. It is quite runny compare to Skinfood bb cream, or even Nanoce. The texture is similar to L'egere BB cream.

Would you recommend this?

No! I SWEAR to myself I shouldn't buy but I can't resist, but I thought I'll buy it to support a makeup company that make something for darker skintone. And gosh.. 40 USD can get me 3 tubes of Nanoce instead.

Girls, don't waste your money. I totally recommen l'egere if you're looking for similar texture (And it works for NC30-35 as well) or my favourite, Nanoce (which I bought myself another tube)


  1. thanks for that review! id have tried it jus cuz its for darker skin tones. wht does the shiny mean?

  2. thanks for the review.. kinda bummed that it iddn't work out :/ oh well

  3. Eeep, an expensive BB cream! Thanks for reviewing it =D

  4. Hi can you tell me where i can buy Dr Ci Labo in the uk please?

    Im just about to upload Dr Ci Labo onto my blog, but really am having problems buying the products in the UK,

    Thanks xx

  5. I have the White 377 + Light and it works perfectly for me. I love the texture- it does not break me out and gives a decent coverage compared to other BB Creams depending on what you're trying to conceal. I don't use concealer anymore when I use it. You'd have to apply the BB Cream on your neck as well- like any other foundation it will blend. Our neck is slightly darker than our face :) I have oily skin and it helps keep the oil at bay longer. Unlike Missha, skin food and all other BB Creams that make my face look so shiny and oily

  6. nice idea.. thanks for sharing..



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