Friday, August 7, 2009

My northern England tour

My Northern England tour

Manchester, Liverpool Chester, very northern right? I went to Liverpool for a conference for 1 week and been town/city hopping everyday. I can't simply stay in just Liverpool and must see the others since I drove all the way here. It is a picture very heavy post.


went to Manchester after we went to Leeds to visit the University. Mainly to see the Videogame nation for a book preparation (for my HK academic) and more shopping (yes! We love selfridges and big city) so we went to Manchester to have a look what is all about.

the URBIX Building

Is a popular culture museum (I think) and it is rather empty I must say. Where's the crowds?

The videogame nation exhibition at URBIX Manchester, which will last I think until September. You can play every single game console that exist and the very popular games as well. Entrance fee: 2 quid

Enjoying the long forgotten game, yes how old was this game? Must be over 20 years old.

Oh yum! Gaucho in Manchester. Gaucho is a middle class china selling Argentinian steak. Very chic!

The yummy gaucho argentinian steak (marinated for 24 hours)


what else to do in Liverpool other than giving lectures?

Me giving lectures


Chester is a town where the footballers live. Yes,it is posh town and you can see all the big brands around. Unfortunately we went there as a tourist looking for some Englishness.

Yummy afternoon tea at Chester

A shopping mall in Chester

The clock tower

The Chester town

a random statue?

another random status next to each other

The Cathedral in chester

The riverside

a pagoda

After drink, in a pub in Liverpool

Ahhh! So that's all from me. I'm disappearing again for a Lavendar trip in France. How romantic! See you all next week


  1. Thanks for the pics!! I worked in Leeds for 18 months on a project (and lived in an apartment overlooking the river during the week) so I have some fondness for the North!

    What were you lecturing on, can I ask? Looks geeky!

  2. Great pictures! Your trip looks amazing. You look so cute behind that big old table. Have fun!

  3. So much fun! Even though you had to work..haha! My bro just got back from a "field trip" to Sheffield and London..I'm so jealous! =P Have fun in France..I love the smell of lavender=)



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